1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment

A good line of communication is a key factor when running a business. In a business environment it is important to communicate in various ways like email, social media, telephone, and meeting face to face. Different tools of communication are used for different reasons. For example if you need a quick response you may contact them via telephone or email. If you need to discuss an important matter or a number of issues it may be best suited to arrange a meeting face to face. It is important to maintain these good lines of communication to ensure the business runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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1.2 Describe the communication requirements of different audiences

Some methods of communication may be better suited to a business than others. For example if you work in a fast flowing business it may be more appropriate to use a mobile phone as your main method of contact as this allows you to keep your customers up to date and communicate. When on the telephone, you would not be able to give the customer a lot of information as they would not remember it so emails are also used. Emails allow businesses to send their customers in depth, detailed and important information where they can save it and re visit it. They also allow for paper work to be sent to and forth without meeting up face to face. However, some businesses do prefer, and find it better suited, to meet up face to face with their customer. Doing this allows them to build stronger bridges with customers and discuss certain topics in great detail.