Classification of Energy Audit depends on the following factors:
? Type of functionality and industries
? Upto what depth of audit required, and
? How much Cost reduction desired
Thus Energy Audit can be classified into the following two types:
i) Preliminary Energy Audit Methodology
It includes the following aspects:
? To find the energy consumption in the organization
? To determine the scope for saving the energy
? Identify the easiest areas for attention
? Find the immediate (especially no-/low-cost) improvements /savings
? Set a 'reference point'
? Find the areas for more detailed study/measurement
? It uses existing, or easily obtained data
ii) Detailed Energy Audit Methodology
Detailed Energy audit provides a detailed energy project implementation plan for a system or
facility, since it evaluates all major energy using systems. Most accurate result can be
obtained through this audit. It takes the interactive effects of all projects, accounts for the
energy use of all important tools and equipment, and provides the detailed energy cost saving
calculations and project cost. This audit ener is carried out in three phases: Phase I (Pre Audit
Phase), Phase II (Audit Phase) and Phase III (Post Audit Phase).