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If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.-Loren Eiseley
Life on Earth began deep in the ocean and water remains the primary element needed to support that life.We cherish water, but we also fear it-and for good reason: it can be unpredictable and dangerous as well as serene and beneficial. Our ancestors believed deities and spirits ruled the seas, the rivers, even the rain, lakes, springs, and wells. Appease the divine and, perhaps, you would be protected from the many aqueous peril or not.
With most of our blue planet covered by water, it’s little wonder that, centuries ago, the oceans were believed to hide mysterious creatures including sea serpents and mermaids. Merfolk (mermaids and mermen) are, of course, the marine version of half-human, half-animal legends that have captured human imagination for ages. One source, the “Arabian Nights,” described mermaids as having “moon faces and hair like a woman’s but their hands and feet were in their bellies and they had tails like fishes.” ~Public Domain 
The origins of mermaids, from the context of human mythology, can be traced back to a cave painting done 30,000 years ago during the late Paleolithic Era, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Why did I choose this topic?
When I was a kid I am a fan of Mermaid Folks and Tales. I’d rather watch Disney movies about mermaids than watching Tom and Jerry, Dora etc. Maybe I cannot prove that Mermaids and Mermen really exist but I’ll try my very best to provide some explanations and theories about my chosen topic. I will cite some evidences and articles proving that Mermaids really exist. Now Let’s find out. Does Mermaids and Mermen exist?
Disney movies and fairy tales are meant to provide comfort—and life lessons, for little children. But their origins—that is, the fairy tales and myths the scripts are sometimes based on—are sometimes the stuff of nightmares. Surreal, possibly drug-induced, nightmares. Walt and his cronies seem to have a real knack for finding and then sugarcoating some pretty screwed-up stories. After all, in what world does a suicidal sea creature make for good bedtime material?
Since we never get any sleep anyway, we took a real deep dive into the background of these horrifying Disney and fairy tale origins. What we found involves murder, sabotage, abuse and a whole lot of poison.

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Different Movies about Mermaids/Sirens:

Different Theories about Mermaids:
In the modern day, most mermaids are depicted as beautiful, female creatures, alluring and gentle and possibly a bit naïve about the ways of us landlubbers. But it wasn’t always so.

In ancient times, mermaids usually brought bad news in the form of shipwrecks, death by drowning and storms. Even pirates feared mermaids might trick them out of their loot, or send their ship to the bottom of the sea out of vengeance.

Woe to the sailor who crossed a mermaid. ~exemploreEvidence Suggesting the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis
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