-86360-228600005305425-22860000Technological University of the PhilippinesCollege of Industrial Education
Graduate Program
By: Marvin P. Mabborang
Sharing of knowledge and skills is a benevolent act of what we so called – TEACHERS. Primarily, the teachers’ role has a great impact in changing and developing the nation. It is an avenue to build the new perspective of the nation in order to achieve its peak of progress and success.
Teachers are not magician to abruptly change and develop nation, however he has the power to influence people’s mind and nation leaders through his word of encouragement. These factors are the key to uplift the current situation of the nation. Teachers empower the nation in a unique way, style and creativity thus; these strategies may come in a holistic approach to enable people and its nation to believe in them that everything is possible.
Transforming mind, imparting adequate knowledge, skills and behaviour are the things that teachers should look into the right track. Honing people means you are changing their perspective in life and so as the condition of the nation. If teachers are able to inspire them, then this nation will be more inspired. People will become more productive and continuously producing things that are beneficial to all. Teachers are the strength and motivator of our future aspirant leaders and young professionals; they exert more time, effort in all the things they need to be attained. In most precious time, teachers never stop encouraging their students to make one step or more to change the world.

The idea that teachers can change the world is not really possible; they instil values, sense of responsibility in our students and to discover the undiscoverable things on their own. Motivation is a strong drive that students will lead them for a change— a change that somehow we might appreciate the effort and perseverance of the teachers. Therefore, teaching is about changing life and shaping other’s dream for the purpose of helping students, assisting them, guiding them to who they want to be and what they want to share for the success of the nation.

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