A Piece of Mind
Amartaya Gupta

1. The resignation letter
2. The stinging pain
3. The journey
4. The search of the 7 monks
5. The village of Heer
6. The visit to the 1st monk
7. The secret of the 7 monks
8. The story of Satbha
9. Are we born to die
10. The essence of knowledge
11. The realization
12. 20 years later

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CHAPTER 1: The Resignation Letter

It was a bright summer morning but not so bright for me. I felt a shudder of coldness through my body, a stinging pain in my heart as I got up. Although this pain was predictable as it was a really painful day for me. I used to work in an orphanage, well not work just serve the children and let them have a future. I followed David Platt’s quote “We care for orphans not because we are rescuers, but because we are the rescued”.
Moving on that day was a really painful day because that day I had my resignation letter in my hand. I drove to the orphanage and with a really painful heart I approached the orphanage’s manager- Mr. Calvin Ross. A humble and honest man he was. He believed in the power of honesty and thought that all wars could be solved by honesty. He too was an orphan. I gave him my letter with a heavy heart. He quietly read the letter and without any hesitation accepted the letter. He wished me luck and waved his last good bye. I met the children for the last time. I hugged, kissed and waved my last goodbyes to them with watery eyes. That time I lacked courage not strength. As they say the smallest takes up the most room in the heart, children had also filled my heart. I had been with them all my life and suddenly I was leave them was a heart breaking experience.
Life is like a train it has to stop many times. I think this was a huge stop in my life too.
Before I tell you why I resigned I would like you to tell me about myself. My name is Jack Leven and I live in Los Angeles Street 128.
So moving on I was going to tell you about why I resigned. Well I resigned because my friend- James Gray agreed to employ me in his crockery business. He was a visionary and an optimist. Vision a small word with great power. Our vision can change the world either into heaven or hell. He had supported me in bad times and given me hope. He was the perfect friend as a friend in need is a friend indeed. The salary was pretty high, at least that much which would keep me alive. Well the only reason I joined the business was not money. I wanted to have a good presentable portfolio which will help me in the future. I also wanted to do a professional job. I looked at this opportunity as a turning point but who knew what life had to offer me tomorrow. Life had to go on and I had to leave the past life behind.

CHAPTER 2: The Stinging Pain
A few months passed and the crockery business was going well. I had forgotten my past life of the orphanage and had moved on. In my past life words like love, honesty and helpfulness mattered but now words like money, crockery and clients mattered. Now I thought that my past life was waste and not at all profitable. My new life was fast, easy and profitable. I didn’t sit with children, talked much, cracked jokes, danced and sang in my new life. All I did was to deal with clients and give them want they wanted. My new life was just as I dreamed about. I earned a lot of money, lived in a luxurious house and had a grand car. Life was just as I wanted it to be, until one day.
One day while coming back from office I felt this strange stinging pain in my lungs. The same pain which I had on the day I resigned from the orphanage but this time it was unpredictable and unbearable. I tried to relax for a few minutes but the pain started growing. I rushed to my next neighbor who is a doctor. He is an experienced, professional and helpful person and can treat all kinds of diseases. I went to his house in a few minutes and told him about the pain. He first checked my heartbeat and said that it was going pretty fast. He then did a few more checks and suddenly a strange look came upon his face a look of danger, grave danger. Without wasting a minute he told me that I was suffering from lung cancer. I had never even thought of me getting lung cancer. The word “cancer” scared the ghost out of me. My face became white, heartbeat became faster and my soul became shattered. He also told me that this is a very critical stage of cancer and said that you only had 1 year to live, or maybe less. The doctor gave me a few medicines but I had really lost hope in any medicines. I walked home with a broken heart and felt dead. Felt as if I was in a prison and now the time had come to hang me.
Pain changes people and so did it change me. I woke up early morning and I had forgotten who I was. I felt the pain again and felt thirsty and hungry. I wasn’t able to move a muscle. I couldn’t think of thing. I fell of the bed and fell in a deep tunnel of sadness, a tunnel impossible to come out from. I spent 1 month in depression, didn’t eat much, just once a day. I slept only 2 hours a day and didn’t go to my office. I was so heartbroken that I didn’t go out of my room for 1 month. I wanted to die. I wished that death came fast and enveloped me in his wings.
What troubled me the most was not the pain it was a question which had me mad: was I born to die? This question kept troubling me and I was terrified with the pain. I asked to myself that why did I earn so much money and became successful when my final destination was death. Why did I get into this luxurious train whose last stop was death? I coaxed myself for being alive.
Another 15 days had passed and no progress had happened in my condition but one day I decided to go and meet my friend Brian. He is a stock broker and is the wisest of all I know. He is positive and is very kind. He has the solutions to all my problems and is always there to guide me. He has the experience of stock broking for 20 years and is an experienced man in all the fields of life. He is a friend I always look forward to meet as he always has something new and interesting going in his mind.
I got in my car after a very long time and drove very slowly to his house to avoid any accidents. In half an hour I was there. He welcomed me and brought me a large drink. I took one sip of it and felt as if I had drunk something after a hundred years.
He could tell by looking at me that I was sad and in grave danger. He asked me what had been troubling me. I politely told him about the frequent bouts of lung pain because of lung cancer and the 1 month of depression. I also told him what was troubling me the most was the question “was I born to die?” I told him that I only had 1 year or less to live. He was shocked to hear my horrific tale and remained silent for a few minutes drinking his drink. After a few minutes he said “jack you have been my friend from day 1 and I don’t want you to give up on life. Life is never fair. I am no doctor who can treat and nor do I know the answers to you question. I can only comfort you and tell you not to quit life.” I was disappointed and felt completely hopeless but suddenly Brian said “hey! Wait a minute I think I know where you can get your answers. There are these 7 monks who live on the highest peak of the Himalayas. But they have a rule of answering. They only answer to those who are really in need of this knowledge and who will be done well from this knowledge. Hundreds of men and women have travelled to meet the monks but no one could find them and some lucky ones who were able to find them never got their answers. My friend you must not lose hope and prepare to go in search of these monks. I think they are ought to change your destiny.” He then quoted a quote by Jean-Paul Vadnais “I can bring you to the door, but you have to walk through” he paused for a minute and with watery eyes said “I wish you the best of luck and may god be with. Good bye.” With those words he guided me to my car and I drove back home with a thousand things going in my mind.
Luckily I reached home safe without a scratch on my car or body. I went straight in my bed and started a thorough retrospection of my past life. I thought that on one hand I thought going to the Himalayas was worth a try and thought that it could change my life and on the other I remembered what Brian had told me that none has ever got their answers from them but going to the Himalayas was the only ray of light I could see in the deep tunnel of sadness in which I was living. I had made this decision final but who knew if I would meet the monks or not, who knew if they would have my answers or not and who knew will I live long enough or not. It all depended on god’s will. I wondered what will happen in my future and in that thought fell asleep.

“No matter whether you believe in luck or chance, the final decision is from yourself”.
– Stephen Richards

My decision was final and now there was no turning back. I had seen this as a turning point and left the rest on God. This was my only chance of surviving and without it I would have died in vain. I saw this as an opportunity I couldn’t resist grabbing. “Life is a mystery case” I didn’t know what would happen to me nor did I know what I will do next but I did know something, something that attracted me like a magnet towards this opportunity.

I had to do loads of work and after a lap of depression it was even tougher. “When the going gets tough the tough gets going”, I followed this quote by John F. Kennedy and moved on and really this quote was helpful to me. I packed everything I needed – my clothes, toiletries, a diary, 4 packets of wafers and my camera. Everything was fit in a small suitcase. I had booked a flight to India and joined with a group tour to the Himalayas. I had received my tickets online and fixed a mountain guide for guiding me to the Himalayas. After hours of research I had bought a complete mounting suit. I had also bought an Eskimo Jacket to protect me from the cold.

Finally the day came and with high heads and with great optimism I climbed the aircraft. It was a direct 22 hours flight. I had traveled after 2 years and was pretty excited. The pain used to come frequently but now I was used to it and didn’t see it as a hurdle in my life. This pain reminded me of why I was in this mission of going to the Himalayas. The flight was going well without any jerks and pauses. I had a good sleep after a very long time and it really had relaxed me.

On the other hand my crockery business had fallen and I was fired from my job. It was a painful time. My friend James Gray paid me extra money and replaced me with another employee in whom he saw more dedication and honesty. I thanked him for giving me a professional job and also thanked him for the extra money. He too was sad after hearing my story and decided to give 2% shares to me.
Well, coming back to my journey. I had a good flight and landed safely in India. The climate was pleasant and the weather cheered me up. I knew that I had come to the right place. There was greenery all around and birds chirping the Morning Prayer. It was a beautiful place to live in.

I took a taxi and checked into my hotel room. I had a beautiful room with a terrace of a great view. It showed me greenery and peace. I was refreshed through the scenery. I thanked myself for coming to India.

In the evening I met my mountain Guide – Mr. Soham Bannerjee. He was an Indian with a natural American accent. He seemed as a kind, helpful man who sees hope in youngster in mountain climbing as he kept talking about them. He briefed me with the where about of the highest mountain peak of Himalayas. He appreciated the great view. He also told me what to pack and what not to pack. He gave me a detailed lecture on mountain climbing which was rather helpful. I was stunned to know so much about mountain climbing. Before going he warned me that this was a very dangerous trip. But my decision was final and I didn’t want to turn back. I was pretty excited for the trip and thought that it would change my life.
It was a tiring day for me so I slept early. I slept with a hope that tomorrow is a life changing day.
Finally the day came and I was exploding with excitement. But we should control our excitement and not make excitement our master. So I controlled it and started packing, I was in my mountain suit and had a big bag carrying all my requirements – clothes, food and my mountain gear. I had packed food which won’t get spoilt, in bulk and put loads of cold clothes. I did so because I had read an article in the Daily Times that there was a group of people going to Mount Everest. They were just to reach the peak when they realized there food was over the whole group died of hunger before the rescue Helicopter could come. This satisfies the Quote “we learn from others experiences.”

Well coming back to the point Mr. Bannerjee my mountain came in the afternoon and was impressed to see me so well packed and organized. He asked me if I was ready and I replied “yes” with confidence.

I got in the mountain Jeep where I met my junior mountain guide – Hugh Freeman an Australian; he had an I-Card which clearly said that he had degree of mountain climbing. He was firm and always correct. He was worth bringing along. He also checked my stuff and didn’t seem so impressed. He asked me why I didn’t have a flashlight and some other stuff. Then he gave me a lecture on the importance of each item I didn’t have and have. Then we bought the stuff I didn’t have from the nearest store.

After a long drive the scenery changed and the temperature dropped. Now I could see snow covered mountains while earlier I was able to see green trees and buildings. I put on my Jacket as the weather changed.

We reached the Himalayas organization basis camp (H.O.B.C) where I met the other 7 people who had decided to venture out in the Himalayas. I was scared and excited at the same time. It was an odd feeling. We all got in one big Jeep and went to the Himalayas. It was a long cold and interesting journey to the Himalayas.
I sat on the jeep wondering what will happen if I don’t find the monks. I wanted to solve my mysterious life so I moved on.


We sat in the jeep for 5 hours seeing the mesmerizing scenes of the mountains. In no time we reached the Himalayas. I could see a range, a never ending range of mountains. It was such a beautiful scene. The other travelers started clicking photographs of the scene and I too took a picture of it through my heart and stored it there forever.

Hugh pointed out to the highest peak of Himalayas we all headed straight towards it. I was scared by seeing the height of the Himalayas and was losing hope to find the monks but I still continued my journey.

We all were asked to get into pairs by the mountain guide and I got into a pair with David Tiger he had helped me long ago transport the crockery from Los Angeles to New Zealand. He was an experienced and reliable guy. I had trusted him every time I need to import crockery. It was winters in Los Angeles and I had to transport 100 boxes to Germany, Augsburg. It was his father’s birthday and he sacrificed going to it and transported the crockery instead. This also shows he was a self sacrificing man. He was the perfect maintaining partner. We shacked hands and told each other why we were here. He told me that he always wanted to go to the Himalayas and I told him my horrific tale. He was surprised to hear what was wrong with me and comforted me with his kind words. He also gave me hope and said that I will surely get what I need.

Soon, we reached the mountain after 10 hours of continuous walking. It was late night and everyone was tired. 2 people out of 12 people fainted and were sent back. I too was about to faint but did not. I was totally exhausted. We all found a nice place to rest. We shared our food and drank ginger beer which and had a heavy dinner. I drank 3 glasses of ginger beer. After some time we opened our sleeping bags and slept a good night. I was totally relaxed after a wholesome meal and started to recall what I had done that day and thought that my life was becoming better. Finally, I had some happiness in me. Finally, something to look up to. Finally a ladder in my tunnel of darkness. With these positive thoughts I slept.
I woke up early morning by the snow falling. I had a really nice sleep and was full of energy. So Hugh called us all and started to call names of the things we must carry. I started tallying all my stuff and I had them all. He showed us how to tie the rope and do all other sorts of practices. I was able to do them all and felt really excited.
We went to the highest mountain. It was really high, not pointed but almost vertical. I was scared and so were others. Hugh went to guide us in the front and Soham was at the last checking everybody. David and I were going pretty fast and so I suddenly slipped. David caught me by his hand but I got hurt on my knee. We saw on cave there and went there. Hugh brought the first aid kit and bandaged me with his firm hands. It was paining a lot but we had to move before the snow sealed the cave. This time we were advised to go slow and that’s what we did because slow and steady wins the race. We moved for 5 hours and decided to rest for a while. We ate a couple of biscuits & wafers which made us active and energetic again.
We were told to move throughout the night and sleep in intervals of 2 hours because the snow was going pretty faster than we thought.
Hugh and Soham guided us correctly and no one died. I had read in a magazine which I had bought for learning mountaining that many deaths happen in mountaining because of misguides. That is why I had very carefully selected my guide.
5 days past like this and I had adapted this life style. I get used to sleeping in intervals and my stamina also increased. I could walk longer and not get exhausted.
David I had become good friends and shared a lot of things with each other. We also shared our experiences and knowledge with each other. We also shared jokes and sang old songs. He was good friend to have.
10 days had past and we were going all well until a disaster came up. A disaster which shook the soul out of me.
It was the 11th day of my journey, we just had to walk miles more and we would reach our destination. David and I were very excited and happy. All was going well but suddenly we heard a noise and the ground started shaking Soham and Hugh knew what it was and it could clearly be told by their face that we were in danger. They shouted that it’s an avalanche I looked into David’s face in a shocked expression. We both slipped and hurt ourselves. Everybody started falling and snow started to fall off from the mountains. A rock hit me and my head started bleeding. I saw below that everybody was injured and a few had fallen off. Soham and Hugh contacted the rescue team but it was too late. Rocks started to fall and the other mountains started collapsing. It was a total mess. My head was spinning and the fast winds were drawing me back I climbed the mountain with a bleeding head and body. I was badly injured. I wasn’t able to see anything. My foot was stuck in a large stone. I couldn’t hear or see anyone. I just saw someone in a red cloak. I thought it was David but my vision blurred and I fainted. I thought I was dead.

CHAPTER 5: The Village of Heer
I woke up in an indecisive, unresponsive and confused manner. I had forgotten who I was and where I was as I woke up. It felt like I was in heaven. It was aftermath. I was lying in a bed and on my left side was a bunch of incense sticks and on my right hand side there was a big bowl with lotuses. The stinging pain in my lungs reminded me that I was still on Earth. But I couldn’t for a second I couldn’t remember anything not even my name. I had a large wound on my head which reminded me that I had gone to a trip and an avalanche had hit us. I remembered David so I got out of bed. The floor was no ordinary floor, it was a floor made up fossils, huge fossils of dragon flies. It was an amazing site. I went out of the room and the strong and sweat smell of incense sticks and flowers filled me with joy. I looked around but I could not see anyone. I could just see some birds a small deer drinking milk. I went up to the deer and patted on his head. This animal brought me peace and comfort through its holy skin.

After a few minutes when no one arrived I went back to the room. I lay on my bed and thought what could have happened to me. In a retrospective thought I fell asleep in the faint smell of the flowers.

As I woke up I saw a small boy (about 10 or 11 years old) in a red dress robe who greeted me with hot green tea. I knew where I was and I knew why I was here. I realized that I was in the village of Heer where it is said that the 7 monks live. I was delighted inside but I didn’t represent it on the outside. I just smiled and sipped tea which purified my soul. After 5 minutes the boy reappeared with a saucer full of fruits. I thanked the boy and asked him where I was. He replied in his sweat voice “The village of Heer” I was delighted. I Asked Him about The 7 monks. He said that He had seen only one who had been meditating for two hundred years. The monk only reply’s to who, who will be really helped. All people who have luckily made this far and have gone to the monk have gone back with empty brains and hearts. He wished me luck and the pleaded his leave.

So Brian was right, He was completely right. I had made a good decision consulting from him. I get or I do not get my answers I would surely thank Brian. He truly is the wisest of all. He had helped me regain my losses which I had due to my ship being wrecked with 80 % products. It was a tough deal .He had advised me to send through air but I didn’t listen to him.
Well moving on, I finished the purifying tea and the delicious fruits and got out of bed. I went outside and I saw a total change in the scene there were a million monks (exaggeration) there. It was a total chaos. There were kids playing around, Women and men having family discussions, People playing chess and table tennis. It was a positive sight which filled joy in me.

An old monk came towards me and asked me in his gentle was how I was felling. I bowed and replied to him that I was well and asked me to come and sit with me.
I followed him and in no time we reached a small garden. This garden was named after a great warrior Xiang Shan who protected the village. There was a large statue of him with flowers. It was a beautiful statue of about 15 feet high. We sat near the statue.

He told me that his name was Tenpai which means a lotus in heaven. I told him my name and appreciated his name. He told me that he had rescued me while I was clinging on to a rock above a million feet. He had pulled me up and saved me. He said that your wound is very deep and will take time to heal. An old monk who is an expert in medicines has given you a medicine which will heel your head. Tenpai also said that you were very lucky and if he had not been gone outside my village to graze my deer. You would have been dead. I thanked him with my whole hear and appreciated his deer.
I asked him what had happened to David and the other people. He replied that some had got covered under a thick layer of snow that had fallen and some had slipped. It was a total disaster. I specifically asked about David. I described David appearances and told him how important he was to me. He started recalling and suddenly remembered him. He told me that he had helped me get out of the mountain. He had pushed my leg upwards so that the Tenpai could hold and let me escape. After that he told me that he when saw me coming out safe slipped from the rock and fell down.

I busted into tears and was grief stricken. The old man smiled and said that he was the best friend and there was no better way to show for him his friendship. A couple of dears came and sat next to me. Kept their heads on my lap and comforted me. The old man with his kind smile said that deer’s were there national animal. They had powers and were not able to tolerate sadness. They comfort anyone who is in a bad mood. He said with small laugh pointing to a deer that this deer has got interest in you and has chosen you as your master. Everybody in Heer owns a deer and looks like you’ve found your pet too. I hugged him and washed my face with a pond nearby.
I walked with him for a few while adoring the nature and patting my deer. I asked him who the small boy I met was. He told me that He was his grandson. His name was Xiao Lee. He told me that he was smart, religious and helpful. He also was able to speak Sanskrit.

We then talked till evening about Holy Scriptures, my business, the 7 monks, the village of Heer. He told me that the name of the village had been derived from Hindi world Heera meaning diamond. We ate our lunch there only. We ate a few fruits and drank fresh milk. It was tasty and filling.
We then talked till evening and then went back. I took the deer along with me. We reached the courtyard after an hour. We greeted each other by bowing and went to our rooms. I just ate a big Musk Melon for dinner and drank green tea. I lay down on my bed with a big smile and said to myself “What an interesting day it had been” and then fell asleep.


Next day I woke up a little early and was visited by Xian Lee with a cup of green tree and a vegetable soup in his hand. I thanked him and appreciated his punctuality. I had this big bowl of soup and then went to take a bath. There were modern Bathrooms with fresh cold water coming directly from the waterfall. The bath had refreshed me and I was pretty excited for the following day. I met Tenpai as I proceeded to the courtyard. He had promised me to take me to the 1st monk; he knew where he was (the one Xian Lee told about). We both greeted each other and talked how fresh we both felt. I saw my deer eating some fresh grass and as soon as it saw me it ran towards me and nodded me gently with her furry head. I patted him and let him go away with his herd. I also saw Tenpai’s deer that was big, old and strong. It was a mystery how they could recognize there deer without any names, so I named my deer Heera (the Hindi word of a diamond).

We then sat in the court yard and had a quick game of chess. Tenpai was really good at chess and was able to defeat me easily. He told me that Xian Lee was a good chess player. We then along with our deers went to the jungle. We also took spear with us. It had just rained and the weather was colder.

I told him my tale of the lung cancer, the desire to meet the 7 monks and my journey. I told him my horrible tale in detail. I also told him about the 1 month of depression. I mentioned about the friends who helped me. I told him about the orphanage also. His reaction was none other than anyone to which I told my tale. He was shocked and extremely sad for me. I had never seen a monk sad. He then comforted me with his kind words. I approached to him my question which brought me here – was I born to die? He didn’t have answers too. He too advised me to go to the 7 monks and promised me to take me to the one he knew where he was.
We then walked for a while observing the plants and animals there. There were snow leopards in huge number but not in a pack. They are solitary animals and stay alone as Tenpai told me. He was very keen in plants and animals. He gave me knowledge of every plant and animal we came across. I was impressed by the deep knowledge he had about nature. He told me that nature must be respected and prayed because it is from where we get everything. We walked on a little bit and then stopped by a large water fall. It was a very nice sight. I drank some fresh water from the waterfall and believe me this water was the tastiest water. I ever drank in my life. I drank so much that it fulfilled my thirst. We then went back to the courtyard had a big fruit and drank some milk.

After lunch we rested for a while and Tenpai gave me a brief description of a place the monk sat. After half an hour of rest we were ready to go to the monk who lived in the Jungle of Yen Yan where the earth was created. The journey to the Jungle of Yen Yan was through the thick forest of Sheer where snow lions lived. Sheer was derived from the Hindi word sher meaning lions. They were many of them but none did harm us. We had not brought our deers or else the lions would have killed them. We walked a mile and then came across a strange place with crooked trees only. No leaves, no flowers and no greenery. There were vultures and crows flying above. Tenpai said this was Yen Yan. I was disappointed. He said from this point on you must go alone to meet the monk. There would be only one tree which has a flower and under that tree the Monk meditates. He wished me luck and said that he will wait here.

I walked in the jungle with goose bumps all over body. I was so scared that my face had become white as if I had seen a ghost. I walked for hours but I couldn’t find a tree with a flower. Suddenly I saw a big tree with a flower on top and below I saw an old monk with a very long beard meditating. I said to myself that finally after a long journey I reached the 1st monk of the Himalayas. Now I needed nothing except luck. I went near the monk bowed to him. I said “My name is Jack and I have come to you to get answers to a question which is troubling me for a long time”. After a pause I approached to him my question- Was I born to die? I had not expected him to answer my question in the first go. I repeated my question 10 times and then I realized what Brian and all others had told me that the monks only speak when you really require it .So I started my horrific tale after touching the old monks feet. I told the whole story in detail. Not adding anything nor subtracting anything. My tale went for at least 3 hours. I am sure that monk must have had gone to sleep. After finishing the story not a muscle seemed to move and monk was just like that as it was. I was disappointed and my heart broke. The unresponsive monk made my heart sink in a deep ocean and made it lost in a desert. The rope was cut through which I was coming out from the tunnel of darkness. I sat near the monk for a while but nothing happened. No change in his body. It was dark and the sky had been covered with crows and vultures wishing they saw someone dead. I went back to Tenpai and was surprised to see him waiting. He could tell by my face that it didn’t work out for me. We quietly went straight back to the courtyard.

When we reached the courtyard I told Tenpai that I was not hungry although I was, Tenpai politely replied we will try again tomorrow. I didn’t respond to his statement. I just bowed to him, hugged my deer and then went to my room. Xian Lee came in and said that nobody’s achieves anything in a single try. You must thrive for success. He wished me luck and brought me a spicy bread with hot chicken soap. He then told me that I must go alone the next day. He wished me luck and went to his room. I was inspired by the young man’s smartness and helpfulness. He raised hopes in me. Those hope when you see a small spark when you are trying to create a bonfire. I lay down on my bed after finishing my dinner which had depleted my hunger. I slept with new hopes and positive ambitions. I had made a promise to myself as I was sleeping that I will not give up after coming so far.

I got up very early but not as early as my Heera gets up. I went out of my room and Heera came running towards me. I patted her on her head and she seemed to be enjoying it I couldn’t resist thinking about going to the monk. So I just ate an apple freshly plucked from the tree and went to take a swim in Neel water fall which’s water is transparent blue. You can see all the fishes and plants in the pond. Neel is derived from the Hindi world Neela meaning Blue. The village Heer had about 100 languages and Hindi was there Holy language.

I went back to the courtyard and I saw Xian Lee standing beside a pillar with a robe in the hand. He bowed to me and gave me the robe. Xian Lee said that you must go to the monk in this robe. I got dressed up in that robe and then thanked Xian Lee. He told me that Tenpai had stitched it for me in the night. Then Xian Lee packed a long bread and few fruits in giant Banana leaves. I thanked him and he wished me luck. I left Heera with Xian Lee and went alone through the snow Leopard jungle and then reached the Yen Yan Jungle safely. I went to old big tree which was the only tree with a flower but there was a change in sight. I could not believe it there was no monk sitting! There was only the skin of a tiger on which the monk was sitting. I wondered where the monk would have gone. I searched other trees but that tree was the only tree with a flower. The monk was nowhere to be found. I checked the whole jungle which was about 10 km2. I took the whole day to search but I couldn’t find him. I ate my lunch in a small cave where I found it safe from the vultures. After lunch I continued my search. The French Proverb “No rose without thorn” goes well for my life.
It was dark and very late. I couldn’t find a clue or any answer. Moreover the worst thing was that I was lost and the lung pain had started. So many negativities clouded up in my mind and resulted in the pouring of water from my eyes. I told myself to be strong and handle the situation bravely. I sat on the rock retrospecting the way back. Suddenly someone taped me from the back. I didn’t know who it was but I thought I knew who it was.


I turned and I saw something you won’t believe it was the old monk who sat under the giant tree. His eyes were black, jet black and positivity roared out of him. Finally I was rescued by a rescue team from my tunnel of darkness. I was amazed, surprised, extremely happy and curious. I fell on the ground and touched his holy feet. He made me stand and asked me if I was Jack. I replied “yes”. He patted me on my back and said “Jack don’t worry you will be more than fine” I said to myself that finally a favorable turn of events. After hours of mining I had finally found a diamond. I started crying. He asked me why I was crying. I told him that these were tears of happiness. He seemed delighted and impressed. He asked me to tell him my horrific tale and so I did. 2 hours had passed and we saw someone coming at a great pace or was it something. When we got close we saw deer running towards us. The monk said that he knew who it was. He said it was Sheng. The deer was about 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It came and started nodding its head gently on to the monk. The monk hugged him and kissed him. Sheng was crying and so was the monk he told me that Sheng was his deer. Strong, smart and fast. I asked why he named his deer Sheng. He told me that in their language Shati. Sheng meant to someone who is undefeated. He said that there was a warrior named Sheng who battled with 10 leopards at a time. He protected the village of Heer from the evils. I patted Sheng and I was about to ask the old monks name but suddenly Tenpai and Xia Lee continued to the chain of surprises. They both came running towards us with lanterns in their hands. They felt relieved when they saw me but as soon as they saw the old monk they fell on the ground to touch his feet. The old monk showered his blessings upon them and they leaded us to the courtyard. We all were quite and were admiring Sheng and the old monk. After a half an hour walk we reached the court yard. As soon as we reached the courtyard all the monks came towards the old monk. The whole village of Heer became happy. The old monk had a big room in which he used to stay. He said that he was tired so he wanted to sleep. Tenpai leaded him to his room and Xian Lee prepared dinner. I bowed to the old monk and went to my room. Xian Lee came as usual with dinner. He hugged me and thanked me. I ate my dinner and then lay down on my bed. I had millions of questions to ask from him. I was very happy. This happiness was inexpressible. I told myself that the next day was going to be a life changing day for me. I saw this incident as a turning point and this time I knew that I was not mistaken. I slept with a long smile after a very long time.

I woke up a little late as I had a very tiring day. As soon as I got out of bed the fresh aroma of the flowers filled my heart. This time the smell of the incense sticks was even stronger, I stepped out my room and I saw the courtyard filled with flowers and incense sticks. The fossil floor was looking very shiny. I looked above and I saw a glow bird cycling the courtyard. It was a very beautiful sight. I saw the old monk sitting on a chair in the centre. He saw me and greeted me. I too greeted him. I quickly went for a bath and came back. Tenpai, Xian Lee the old monk and I had breakfast in the courtyard together. The old monk was very impressed by Tenpai and Xian Lee. We all had millions of questions to ask but none said anything while having breakfast. Then the old monk and I went for a stroll in the jungle.

He guessed that I must have had many questions to ask so he told me to ask them. Firstly I asked him where the other six monks were. After asking this question I realized what a stupid question I had asked. I should have asked his name first but words one said cannot be taken back. He was quite for a second and then said. That he didn’t know where they were heaven or hell. He said that the other 6 monks were his ancestors and the chain is going on. These 6 monks had specific knowledge. These 6 monks were named after the knowledge they possessed. Each monk of 7 monks knows 15 languages thoroughly. You will get a different answer from every monk for the same question but they all would be correct. After a pause he told me that in the room he was staying there the other six monks also stayed. This robe which I am wearing was also worn by the other 6 monks. It never gets dirty. He told me about the 6 monks names and knowledge. The 6 monks were Veer, Dharma, Gyan, Prabha, Khushna, and Shaan Dre. He said that his name was Satbha. Then he explained each monk.

1. Gyan: this was the first monk. He created the village of Heer through migrants. He was a very knowledgeable man. He was weak but very clever. He could see the future but was don’t able to tell it to someone or change it. Gyan is a Hindi word meaning knowledge. His name is derived from this world only. He was so smart that he could recite all the shlokas of Gita, Vedas and Mahabharata. He had all the knowledge in the world that would make a man God. He was knowledge himself and without him the village of Heer could have been destroyed. He had defeated other army’s without arms, just through his knowledge. Satbha paused for a minute and then said that he sat beneath a banyan tree and people from all over the globe came to solve their problems. He was kind, clever and answered to everyone, with a steep lowering in Satbha’s voice he told me how he died. He was meditating under a tree and suddenly a monk came with a glass full of water with poison. Gyan not knowing that there is poison in it He drank it and closed his eyes forever. No one was ever able to find the monk who killed Gyan. He was a real traitor to the village of Heer.

We sat for a while besides water fall observing the continuous movement of water. Satbha drank some water and I too drank some of it. Satbha appreciated the fresh and clean water and then moved on.

2. Dharma – he was the second monk chosen by Gyan and also named by Gyan. Every 200 years a monk is chosen. It is a coincidence that every monk is born on 10th of August. I asked the reason why so he told me that 108 is a spiritual no. this number is said to have great power. Coming back to the point Dharma was the creator of religion and Shati (the language of the village of Heer). Dharma is named after the Hindi word Dharm meaning religion. He had written many sacred books. He too was worshipped along with Gyan as his teacher. Dharma was not so smart. He used to sit on a lotus which is in the centre of the river. There he studied ancient texts and wrote his views. There is a small hut in the centre of the village of Heer where he used to live. Nobody knows how he died. Some say he had drowned in the river and some say the Gods came to take him away. There are also saying that he was killed by the people of the west as they were jealous of him. He was a responsible monk and so did he leave the robe and the name of the person who will become the next monk. It was always a mystery with Dharma; Satbha said glaring at the sun through the water. Without any interruption he continued to tell about the other monks.

3. Veer: the third monk was chosen by Dharma in a very different way. Dharma had written in one of his scriptures that who is able to find the Dharma Scroll will become the next monk. Many set out to find the scroll but no one could find it except Veer. He was brave and powerful and that’s why he was named veer, meaning Brave in Hindi. Bravery just not comes from fighting it comes from emotional and mental balance too. Bravery is important if it brings peace. He had trained all warriors. Sheng was also trained by Veer. Veer used to train in Choun jungle. Choun means dangerous in Shati. There were Snakes, Carnivores plants ; animals, a river flowing at a great pace and trees forming a canopy. There is very less sunlight and rain all time. The floor is filled with pointed rocks and poisonous leaves. To get out of there is to get out of hell. Veer and his students trained there and are irresistible to poison. Veer was the only monk who had a natural death. He had given Sheng to choose who the next monk would be. Sheng was wise and brave and Veer knew he would make the correct choice. He chose his enemy Shaan Dre.

4. Shaan Dre. – Shaan Dre was the enemy of Sheng and yet Sheng choose Shaan Dre. Sheng had suspected Shaan Dre to be the killer of his father. Shaan Dre meant problem solver in Shati. Shaan Dre was a kind of Doctor. He used to solve all diseases through herbs and plants. Sheng’s father had become very ill and Shaan Dre wasn’t able to solve the disease Sheng’s father had. Sheng thought that Shaan Dre had done it purposely so he swore to kill him. But Veer had taught Sheng the correct knowledge so no fight took place. Coming back to the knowledge Shaan Dre possessed. What a whole pack of western medicines could do 1ml of medicine Shaan Dre made was able to do. He made medicines through natural substances and could care almost every disease. He was also visited by Alexander the Great during his conquer of the world. He had cured his leg in return that he will not do anything the village of Heer. Satbha said with great passion that we owe him a lot. He wanted the village of Heer to be happy and rich so he chose the next man a happy and rich man Khushna.

Before moving to Khushna we ate a bread soup that Xian Lee had given us. We were tired so after eating we decided to sit and talk. We drank some water and then Satbha with a heavy breath continued his tale.

5. Khushna – Khushna was a happy and rich who came from the West. He had brought a truck full of wealth. He was so delighted to see the village of Heer that he gave 100 gold coins to every person in the village of Heer. He brought loads of wealth from the west and made the village of Heer more beautiful. He brought Builders, Architects and laborers to make this village the best. He made the village of Heer like a diamond. He was killed very early from monks who revolted the western culture. Satbha said with a big smile that those were glorious days I was just a boy learning things from the other monks. The problem which rose was that Khushna didn’t leave anyone as his successor monk so it was for the old monks to decide who the next monk is. Then ten old monks prepared a list of names who could become the monk. The first time voting took place in our village. It made us all feel modern and fair. A mixture of democracy and aristocracy was formed. Prabha a young monk which I knew very well won. Satbha paused and then said that he still remember Prabha speaking his oath.

6. Prabha – the young man’s name was derived from the Hindi word Prabha meaning God. People thought him as a God. He helped everyone even his enemies. He fought for the Good of the village of Heer. He was a man who would kill himself even for the prevention of a killing of a deer. He was totally down to earth. He died fighting from some of the foreigners who were trying to kill deers for their valuable skin. Satbha said that Prabha had chosen him as the next monk. Prabha had told the 10 old monks about Satbha. Satbha then said “I was sleeping in the afternoon after feeding the deers and suddenly the old monks came to my house. I asked them why they had come to my house. They told me that I was the next monk and Prabha had died. I started crying but it was not the correct thing to do. I was just 15 years old and I was given this responsibility. I reported all the people in this jungle only. It was a turning point in my life”. He paused and then said that it is dark we must reach the courtyard we will come here the next day. We went back quietly because I had lots to swallow. We reached the courtyard and then had dinner together with Xian Lee and Tenpai. After dinner we all bowed to each other and went to our rooms. Tenpai and Xian Lee came in my room. I told them his name and all I knew about them his name and all I knew about the 7 monks. They too were surprised. We all discussed about the 7 monks for an hour and then went back. Xian Lee brought to me a glass of milk and then went to bed.
The more I got to know the more questions rose in my mind. I was looking forward to the next day. I was satisfied because I would not have to go looking for the other monks. I said to myself that good times had just started.


We all woke up together and got ready for breakfast after taking a bath. We had omelets and drank milk Satbha and I had decided to go to the jungle where went the previous day and so did we go. We took our deers too and some Bread wrapped in Banana leaves. I asked Satbha that what his story was. He told me that it was an interesting one and started with a big breathe. He said “there is always a good and a bad everywhere and so bad was also there in the village of Heer. There were some monks who were jealous of me and wanted the knowledge I possessed. I was given the knowledge of all the other monks and so was my name kept Satbha. Saat means 7 and Sabha means all in Hindi making Satbha. Well coming back many bad people wanted my knowledge. So I had to know who were they but it was not possible. I was cheated many times and many people had used my knowledge in a bad way. The correct knowledge in bad hands results in bad work. Many people tried to assassinate me but as I was given the knowledge of Shaan Dre I didn’t die. People thought that I was invincible. I usually gave many speeches to people of the village of Heer which inspired and motivated them. Those were hard times but hard times never last only hard people do”.
He waited for a second for Sheng and Heera to cover up the distance and then started again.
He said “The village of Heer was under danger because of my leaking of knowledge so I decided to consult the ten old monks who were the wisest of all I knew. They gave me this idea of meditating. I chose the place known as Yen Yan where there is only one tree having a flower. There were 2 reasons I choose this place. Firstly very less people come here and only people really in need of answers will come here. The second reason why I choose Yen Yan was because I was born here. You must be wondering how I will get to know if my knowledge will help you or not. This was because I was given the knowledge of Gyan who could see the future.
We both then rested for a while near a pond and feed the fishes with some bread. There were big yellow and blue fishes in the pond. There was a big old fish that is known as the meditating fish. It never moves.
He then said “I have told enough about my life how it’s you chance.’ After having lunch near the pond I told him about my friends and my plans. I too had a flashback which reminded of my previous condition. It reminded me of hard times. The 6 months left for my life. We talked about my sudden shift in condition through the evening. I told him about this question which troubled me a lot and which brought me to you. He said in a very promising way that he would tell me my answer the next day. He said that I would not let you go without answers my friend; life will be long enough for you. I was half motivated by his words, the rest of motivation stayed in the answers.

For the first time we talked while walking back to the courtyard. It had just rained so the soil was damp and dirty which made our slippers dirty. There is always a mystery with this place that how it has all seasons, all animals and all plants while being situated in the Himalayas. The village of Heer is a world in itself. It took half an hour extra to reach the courtyard because we had to walk carefully, protecting ourselves from pointed rocks and vulnerable insects.

Fortunately we reached the courtyard safely with not a scratch on my body and Satbha’s body. Tenpai and Xian Lee took our slippers washed them and gave back to us. I wondered who can show more gratitude than Xian Lee and Tenpai. I saw them as a mentor. We had dinner together in the courtyard and discussed what all had happened today. We then all drank a glass of milk with saffron in it. Satbha then told us about the advantages of having milk and saffron. We all seemed to have interest in the knowledge Satbha possessed. He told us about his stories he has in his childhood. We al then bowed to each other and went to bed.

I was excited about the next day. I will finally get what I wanted. It’s like my life would be a success. I slept with large hopes in my heart eagerly waiting to be fulfilled.

I woke up early, well very early. It was just 4:00am I couldn’t sleep. I was just so eager to get my answer. I went into Satbha’s room and saw him sleeping so I came back. I then went to Tenpai’s room and also him sleeping so I came back. I then went to Xian Lee’s room and saw him studying. I was surprised to see Xian Lee’s dedication towards his work I asked him what he wanted to become. He said that he wanted to go to America sand become a doctor. He said that Tenpai had given him these books. He told me that his father was in America and was a successful doctor. He told me with a high head that his father was collecting money so that he could go to a good medical college. Xian Lee gave a suggestion for a quick match of chess. I agreed to his suggestion. I went for a bath and quickly wore my cloths. We both than had some milk and biscuits, which Xian Lee had prepared. After eating we both got dressed up and had a match of chess. It went for an hour. I won from him it was close neck competition. In the mean time Tenpai and Satbha also got up. They were surprised to see me awake and so energetic in the morning. Xian Lee and I bowed to them with affection and humbleness. Satbha asked me why was I awake so early I told him that I was just too eager to know my answers. Satbha was impressed by my thirst of knowledge. They quickly got refreshed and got ready for breakfast. We had some pomegranate juice and some fruits. Satbha then told Xian Lee to pack us food for lunch and dinner and other necessary items. In no time Xian Lee came with a bag full of the items Satbha had ordered. Before I could ask Satbha what was all this for he told me that we were going to spent the night in the jungle.
We bowed to Tenpai and Xian Lee and went to the woods. I told him how excited I was to finally get my answers.
After walking for 3 hours I asked Satbha the questions. He didn’t reply. I asked at least ten times. Another hour passed and I asked him again. He was quite. I told him that if he didn’t have any answers he could straight away tell me. After asking from him at least ten times no reply came from him, not even a single word.
We had walked for 4 hours and I was tired but Satbha seemed to be walking like a machine without stopping. After some time we came across a very sad sight. A poor deer was lying on the ground killed by a tiger. The tiger came and dragged it to its place to feed his children. I was not able to see such a sight. Satbha and I then sat for a while on the rock. Finally, Satbha asked me ‘Why was the deer born? I was quite for a while which made Satbha guess that I didn’t have any answers. He then told me “the deer was born to die. It was born to die” He repeated his answer again to specify his answer but this didn’t ring a bell in my mind. I was blank and didn’t understand a thing. For once I thought that yes I was born to die but Satbha then said “God created the world with logic and intelligence. We all ultimately die and we cannot run away from death. We all are born to die is a fact we cannot deny but we all are not to just born to die. The soul fears both to live and to die. Although the soul never dies or lives. It always is resting. Our soul is not made up of skin, bones, blood, organs. It is made up of our thoughts.” I thought that a psychology professor was giving me a worthy lecture. He stared again after rubbing the sweat off his face through the robe “Our soul can never die, it’s no less than god but the only difference between god and soul is that god is fixed whereas when the body dies soul shifts. He paused and then again started “Life will do the same to you what you do to it. Treat it like a friend and it will make you happy. Treat it like an enemy and it will also make up happy. Treat it like your master it will make you mad. When you got to know that you had only 1 year to live or less you let life control you and it made you mad. You couldn’t think of anything except death. But when you controlled yourself you made life your enemy and it cheered you.” I was confused. I asked Satbha “How life could be good to you if you make it your enemy?” He drank some water and said “I was expecting this question from you. This is a complex question which has a simple answer. Let’s say you have an enemy X if you want to defeat it you would have to work hard and practice which will make you stronger. In the same way if life is your enemy and you would have to defeat it, you would have to be stronger than it. To defeat life you must be mentally strong by gaining knowledge, keeping calm and maintaining emotional balance. By doing this you become mentally stronger which helps you. Thus, in the process good happens to you. He then told that we shall start walking. While walking he told me “Your heart, mind, and soul should coordinate and then only you can progress in your life. Just like in a machine if all parts are not working properly it will not work. Your Heart’s job is to create desires and goals. Your mind’s job is to control and achieve you desires. Your soul’s job is to decide to make life your master, enemy or friend. The way your mind and heart coordinate in that way only the soul decides. The soul cannot be controlled it can only be made controlled. Let’s say you are a small child and you want an ice cream. You have 20 rupees which are given by your father you to buy a Notebook for school. If your heart and mind is controlled you would control your desires and buy a note book. Then you would ask your father for money so that you could buy an ice cream. Your desire is fulfilled & your work is also done. “I asked him to give me a straight forward answer. He then said “We all are born to full a purpose in life. That is our purpose of living. The poor deer was born with the purpose of being food to the tiger. If deers were not born tiger’s would have died of hunger and the environment would have misbalanced. No one is born without a purpose. You and I are born with a purpose of living. To be born is because of a purpose of living. To be born because of a purpose which would make the world better. We are born for a purpose and we die to reborn. When the purpose is completed god takes us away and shifts the soul to another body and a new purpose is formed. Body without soul is of no use and soul without body is also of no use. I asked him if someone didn’t do anything he would be immortal as his purpose of living would not be fulfilled. He said with interest “son, Nature will make a person work. No one can live without action. If its rain the person will build a roof, if it is hot he will invent a fan, if he is hungry he will cook food, etc. In this way nature makes everybody work. Nobody can become immortal. Rather immortality is a curse. You see loved ones dye and you never die. It hurts you being immortal as it is not a power it’s a curse.” I always wanted to be immortal but I got to know it’s not such a good wish. It was lunch time but my stomach was full of knowledge. We both were not hungry so we decided to eat afterwards. Satbha said “only the soul is immortal but it has no mind and heart which make humans prone to mortality. Humans have a heart and a mind which add feeling, intelligence and a purpose to humans. Feelings and intelligence create thoughts. Thoughts shape the character.”
We then decided to have lunch. We had lunch near the Neel waterfall so that water was easily available. We ate a papaya and some bread. We then decided to sit and talk. He again started with a sigh, “where was I hmm. Yes! Yes! Thoughts and character. Thoughts shape your character. Character is very important. Character is how the soul is and it can be changed. As they say a diamond can be found in a piece of cola just like that a bad soul can be converted into good soul. The transformation from a bad soul to a good happens through heart and mind.” He drank some fresh water and then said “Coming back to the purpose of living. Every person has a purpose which makes the world better. Finally when the purpose is fulfilled god would call you. I asked Satbha was my purpose of living fulfilled? Satbha said after a small laugh “I knew you would ask this question, so I kept my answer ready. When Prabha was giving me this knowledge I too had asked the same question but in a different manner. Nobody knows that if your purpose is complete or not except you. You have to decide if your purpose of living is complete. My friend you must recognize your purpose of living. It is very important. But you must not tell it to anyone. Keep it as a secret but always remember secrets have a cost they are never free. Your purpose if fixed and unchangeable.”

It had become cold so we decided to light a fire. It was a hard task to get dry wood and stems. Lighting a fire was not a problem. Satbha knew the stones which could light a fire and so we found them easily .Finally the flame rose in the dancing winds. Satbha seeing the flame told me “when a person is deviated from his purpose just like the winds deviate the flame to rise up, god gives him a warning. This could also be a warning but it is for you to decide to take it is a warning or a threat. Good Bad Rich Poor and happiness sadness hard work laziness these opposites constitute the universe.
Your mind should not be just the bright side, well it can’t be but don’t take it in a demotivating way. No one can be perfect, just try to be perfect knowing we cannot become perfect but then also try. Perfection is not known to anyone and it does not exist. To make the being realize its purpose it is given some warnings or obstructions. You see life is a mission in itself a challenge accepted by our soul, mind and heart. We will never know why we are on this mission but we know that we will win this mission and emerge victorious. In this entire universe the challenge is to live and the prize of this challenge is death.” This line confused me but after thinking twice I got it. It was an amazing piece of knowledge Satbha possessed. Satbha knew I had a lot to digest so he decided to give me time to think over the things he told me I started thinking over my soul, heart and mind. I thought about my purpose of living about perfection. The more I got to know, the more questions rose up in me. Millions of questions arise in me but the most important one was what my purpose of living was. I tried to think of it for a minute but no conclusions came up in my mind. I asked Satbha “what was my purpose of living?” Satbha said “giving you a straight forward answer, I don’t know what your purpose of living but I knew how you can find your purpose of living. Your purpose of living is to do what you do best and like most. That work when you do and your soul, mind and heart coordinate properly and everything seems right that work is your purpose of living” I tried to find a work but couldn’t find any. Satbha with a small laugh said “trying to find your purpose of living aren’t you? it’s not that easy Jack. You will know your purpose of living a little later in life but you must not worry things will turn out to be good for you.” He paused and said “as for now you need rest and it’s dark so you need to sleep. You have got to know lot of things today. Tomorrow I will tell the essence of all the knowledge so gain energy for tomorrow.”
We laid our sheets nearby a cave and slept there. I lay down looking at the stars wondering what will happen next. Wondering what the stars had decided for me. Recalling what all I got to know I fell asleep in the faint voice of insects.

We woke up by the music of the chirping birds. I went to wash my face from Neel water which refreshed me. We then had some milk and 2 fruits each which made us energetic again. Satbha and sat face to face with each other. Satbha said “After 200 years I have opened my eyes so I might as well give you the essence of knowledge. I cannot tell you all my knowledge as it may take years I am going to tell the most valuable piece of knowledge every monk had which would surely transform you life and help your soul, heart and mind coordinate. I need you to listen confidently and implement these in your life.” Satbha started,

1. “Gyan – the first monk who was the most knowledgeable man knew how to control your soul and life. By treating life as your enemy you are done good but what to do with your soul? You must be thinking what is soul? Soul is your feelings, thoughts and knowledge. Well the soul is created by God, functioned by our mind and controlled by no one. Our soul nothing but what our mind and heart produce. Our soul can be controlled by completing our purpose of living or by doing your purpose of living. This is because your soul knows your purpose and wants to that and if you do that your soul would come in your control. Gyan had thought of this sitting on a big lotus flower in the middle of a large river. This is the most important piece of knowledge Gyan possessed. Gyan also created the word perfection which is the unreachable point of talent. Gyan wanted the village of Heer to be full of knowledge and talent so he created perfection. Everybody tried to be perfect. Everyone worked hard, practiced and achieved a lot in the process of perfection. But all was not good. There were some critics and quitters who motivated others to quit the race to perfection. The Human race is an indefinite, unpredictable, unfortunate and unsafe race. This line is the most famous line of Gyan when he addressed the village of Heer first time. Prabha had explained me this line for 2 whole weeks.” Satbha had a quick flash back and told me “I will explain you this in short. The Human race cannot be definite because the Human mind is continuously thinking and who knew when a person will get a transforming idea. We cannot tell about a man’s desire. They are unpredictable. God had created the world in play and had made humans after a very long time when he noticed that the world was going waste. That is why Humans are unfortunate. The Death of every human is certain but the time is not certain. We can die any moment so we are unsafe. These points can be taken in both positive and negative ways. I recommend you to keep both in mind” Satbha gave a small rest to his teachings and went on to the next monk.

2. Dharma – Satbha said “Dharma created religion and God to maintain peace. People become holy, spiritual and calm. The village of Heer was now positive and clean from negative vibes.” He had written 10,000 poems which told about each visitor’s problem and solution. The small hut in the heart of the village of Heer contains this book. Out of those 10,000accounts the most important was a visit that came from Saudi Arabia. The whole book is written in black ink except this account. You most listen carefully; it will help you reveal a science secret.” He took a deep breath and said “this incident took place 10 centuries back or more. There was a prince Fateh Nassrudin who had a large palace situated in the heart of Saudi Arabia. He was interested in science and religion. He had a question “Did God have any choice in the creation of the world? He came all the way from Saudi Arabia to meet Dharma. He luckily found the village. At that time the name of the village was not Heer it was given the name of whoever the monk was. After a 50 day voyage Fateh had reached the village and asked Dharma his question. As expected of the knowledgeable Dharma he knew his answer. The creation of the world. Was the world created by a series of natural explosions or by God’s will? The answer to the question is a bit complex one. Well. There is no one world created. Everybody is in his own world. As a being is born a new world is created which is his world. Every day new worlds are created. And when we die they vanish. We live in the world of worlds. Our world is connected with the soul. Our world’s king is our heart and its minister is our mind. We must be able to control our world. Dharma had given Price Fateh a 2 hour lecture which completely transformed him. He was so happy that he gave 10,000 pure gold coins to Dharma.” He paused for a minute and decided to drink water. We walked up to the Neel River and I asked him “why did Dharma create a god and religion?” Satbha drank the water and then said. “There were several reasons for the creation of God. First of all the village of Heer was becoming restless, angry and cunning day by day. They needed something that would calm them and make them holy. By praying and doing friendly rituals our mind becomes silent and calm. This is why the creation of religion and God was necessary. There was another reason why God was created. The cities that were motivating others to give up perfection and were saying that no one was perfect needed to be silenced. God was created who is perfect in everything. The creative creation of God and religion motivated the critics too to become perfect.”

We sat for a while and decided to eat some bread and drink a juice. I cooked the left over bread (which was in plenty) of dinner and Satbha squeezed two oranges and prepared juice. It was a filling meal and it refreshened me for more knowledge. Satbha continued with the next monk and said.

3. “Veer: the 3rd monk was the best warrior. He has always been my favorite. Veer was not so knowledgeable but his two teachings were presented to the world by his student Sheng. His first teaching tells how to fight a war without taking up arms. How to fight with the weapon of peace. One must not be violent, violence for no cause leads to staining of your soul. Keep peace with everybody and treat everyone as your brother. Veer had stopped a war only by speaking of peace between both the sides. It was a glorious effort Veer took. So, spread peace. Violence comes through the discoordination between heart and mind. When the heart desires are not fulfilled and the mind try’s to tackle our desires by blaming others violence is usually the result. Since the heart and mind are unable to coordinate the soul chooses life as its master leading to a total devastation of your world. Your world functioning is for you to decide.

The second teaching by Veer was that everyone is warrior. Everyone has a warrior inside us. Who is a warrior? A warrior is someone who works towards his / her desires and goals with hard work, practice and intelligence. Every person must find a warrior within, an energy within which confirms commitment and guarantees success. Desires and goals have only one difference desires are produced by the heart whereas goals are produced by the mind and heart. It’s not our goals which make us a warrior; it is our desire which create that energy. That energy which is capable of changing your world into your universe.”

Satbha washed his face and drank some water. He decided to have some tea and then move on. He made himself a green tea and drank it. He started again with a sigh.

4. “Shaan Dre – The 4th monk the problem solver had all the knowledge of medicines and diseases. There was one good piece of knowledge Shaan Dre shared with the village of Heer in his last addressee to the village. Our mind is ruled by the heart and accepts what the Heart accepts and what the Heart says. If you believe in something you can achieve it too, is a true saying. Believing that the medicine will cure you, it will and believing it will not cure you, it will not. Through this strategy your fear can be easily be overcome. Let me give you an example when I was small I used to be afraid of lizards. I couldn’t see a lizard. There was a small passage in my room leading to the kitchen. Most of the times there were lizards on that passage but once when I said to myself that if I clap and go no lizard would come it did not come. I was fearless and happy. Now I r sit near lizards whereas I couldn’t see one when I was small. You see what I am trying to tell you is that we must believe and if you believe my friend the conversion of dreams into reality is not far. You must believe that if you have visited the village of Heer, you will not die of lung cancer and then only can your desires be completed by your mind.” These lines motivated me and I decided to believe in the village of Heer. I believed in the 7 monks’ knowledge and believed in myself. I believed that success was not far away. Satbha patted on my back like a promising teacher. I too quickly drank some tea and told Satbha to continue. He continued with a refreshed and energetic voice.

5. Khushna – the fifth monk who made everybody happy. Khushna was just a traveler like you. His most famous teaching says that anybody can do anything. If there is a will there is a way. There is a spark in everyone but only some ate able to make it a big flame. Even a poor man can become the world’s richest person only if he wants to and works towards it. The night is the darkest before dawn so you must not give up if times are hard. Try, try till you achieve perfection well try your life. Create desires, work on them and complete them dream dreams attainable. Don’t create high expectations cause when the higher you go the pain of falling is higher. Don’t stop dreaming because dreams lead to thought and thought leads to success. It was getting dark so we decided to start our return journey. Satbha told me that Prabha’s best knowledge was all of the knowledge of the 5 monks. We both quietly went to the courtyard and reached it safely. We had a bath and then had dinner together. We talked about the rain and all while having dinner. I bowed to everybody and Satbha came to me and said in my ear believe in your dreams. I thanked for all the knowledge and then went to my room. I lay on my bed recalling all the knowledge. Applying it on my life made me fall asleep.

I woke up late very late but I was a different man as I woke up. That night I had a dream, where I was playing with children singing, dancing, hugging and kissing children. At first I couldn’t remember where these children were but suddenly it rang a bell. Earlier I used to work in an orphanage and when I joined the crockery business I had this pain. My purpose of living was serving the orphans and when I was distracted from my purpose god gave me a warning. I was happy and excited. I went running to Satbha and told him about my purpose of living. Everybody was surprised to see me so happy. Satbha said that I had to go and work on my purpose and I accepted his advice. I had a small talk with Xian Lee and Tenpai who were very happy to see me. There was a new life I was heading too with my purpose of living. Xian Lee and Tenpai had seen a mountain group this morning they said that they know where they were and they would take you to your home. I hugged Heera and cried as I left her. Satbha, Xian Lee and Tenpai came to see me off. I hugged everyone and waved them Goodbye.

We encountered the mountaining group pretty fast. I waved goodbye and went with the group seeing 3 red dots vanishing away in the thick snow of Himalayas. I remembered the journey it was where it all started.

After 10 days I reached home in the speeding state of California. It felt good to be back. I told all my friends about my expedition and spread the knowledge of the 7 monks to the needy. I joined the orphanage and Calvin Ross welcomed me with a warm hand. It was good to see all the children and my heart was filled with joy again.

It had been 20 years to my expedition and I had built at least 10,000 orphanages across the globe. I lived in a big house, had a beautiful wife and 2 children. I had received the Noble Prize for peace too.

It was one day after coming for the orphanage I felt this stinging pain again. I knew what it was. My purpose of living was complete so I let God come and pick me up and guide me to Heaven.