Abstarct: there is a mutual relationship between human beings,society and environment.among these environment or nature and the society are going there own way independently.and the responsibility or the duty of a man is to protect them.but in this 21st era nature and all other things changing increasingly because of socio-economic development,industrial advancement and so on.these are ruining our environment day by day and creating ecological imbalance.though there are number of laws-international laws have been passed for protection of the nature.legislation like Environment protection Act,1986 and couple of lawshave been made to stop,make a control way and decrease all types of pollution.these laws are becoming weak because of the unwillingness on the part of the corporation to fulfil with.
Companies and corporation are creating code of conduct where the CSR involves. Corporate social phenomenon which saying that the corporation have always to do the right things further than legal obligations. This concept is depend on not only the public policy but also with the companies.CSR is seen a idea in which corporations willingly put together social and environment concerns into their trade and doing interaction with their stakeholders. This idea is socially accepted by all and socially responsible company indicating doing something more than the law for the nature and human possessions .

But the most important question around in the mind that whether CSR is needed or not ?comply with the law first because a variety of reports and arguments come that shows the corporations are not complying even the minimum legal needs for the welfare of the environment.Moreover,the big question is whether the companies will sacrifice their profits for securing the nature?last but not least, whether the companies are incorporating CSR for social task on for making their business?
because of speedy of science and technological changes and advancements the natural environment such as water,land,plant-trees,animals,mountains,rivers all are effected badly. Different corporate industries development in the sector iof energy of atomic, extreme use of fossil fuel really affected our environment.Edward Goldsmitrh,who is an ecologist-
‘by now it should be clear that the environment is becoming less
capable of sustaining the growing impact of our economic development’

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There are some arguments by the corporations saying that they are well known of all things and making their industries eco friendly.but this only the words of mouth.there is no match in the field with their words or promises.all most all of the industries are making their profit degrading their own environment and making pollution in the following way-

a) Use of natural resources by industries, as it destroys nature and affects the natural
environment. Cotton, textile, paper, iron, coal, oil, fodder, plywood, food
processing, etc all need natural products as raw materials. Thus increasing needs of
industries have resulted in over exploitation and stress on natural resources.
b) Residues of industries known as effluents are released in water and land without any
treatment which pollutes the water and land, effecting the aquatic life and
underground water.
c) Fossil fuel used by industries like coal, kerosene, diesel, and atomic energy also
pollutes the air in the form of smoke and radioactive particles.

d) Noise, also a major by-product of industries and industrial products causes noise
e) Industrial wastes – particularly hazardous waste and radioactive waste- have also
become a major environment pollution problem.