According to Giddens (1994), globalization is really about transformation of time and space. It is action and distance argues Giddens (1994, p.41), this refers to the interconnections of economic, political and cultural activities across the globe. To manage with high education systems need to reorient their structure and function through a process of internalization. Internalization and globalization are two separate bus related concepts. Globalization economies has brought about greater mobility of knowledge workers and searchers across the world. This flexibility depends on the quality and standards of education qualification happens by educational organization. This in terns involved the rearrangement of the contents, duration quality and standards of courses offered within the patterns after their colonial masters. The Maldives was never colonized, except for a brief 15 years during the 16th century (Maniku2008).However, Maldives have always been exposed to the influences of the wider outside world.
It is agreed that quality assurance schemes have become more important. Many countries have already established national quality assurance agencies. Manik 2008, argues that in the Asia pacific region alone, more than 130 national quality assurance agencies in about 100 countries have been established in the past decade and regional activities, this region is said to have discovered the fruit of co-operations in assuring quality assurance in at tertiary level