Accumulated Experience and Skills. Accumulated experience means experience gained over a number of years when a person has come across lots of different issues to do with the job. Experienced employees are more likely to be able to do a good job in an organization. They might need to be paid more or be given special conditions.

Software Licenses. Organizations either use commercial software or customized software for operation. When business computers use Microsoft operating system, money has to be paid to use its license. Licenses allow employees to use software at one computer or several computers depending on the license’s usability. Sometimes businesses use unauthorized software or use genuine licenses of software for more than one computer. This is considered a crime. Sometimes they may over license by buying individual licenses for more money whereas a composite license can be bought for less money.

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Protection via Patents and Copyrights. Legislation can help protecting costly technological resources. It can be sometimes difficult to prove if someone else is using the idea. A patent gives an inventor the legal right to stop someone else copying without their permission