Almost in every country in the world, in banking sector especially in retail banking services, online banking has become a buzz word. Countries with developed information technology systems, developed countries like UK, USA, China, Japan, Europe, India, Ireland etc. has adopted the online banking systems as the easiest and smartest way of retail banking services provided to their clients. To make the report more informative and supportive, number of reports and articles published in renowned journals, has been studied and the findings of those papers are summarized here as follows.
(S. Chong, 2001) analyzed that online banking is more articulated in the U.S.A, where non-bank money related specialist co-ops have influenced huge advances into banks’ customary to turf. However, U.S.A, banks are perched on the sidelines, holding onto online banking to a great extent as a protective procedure. Online banking in Japan has been to a great extent restricted to the local client base. European banks have utilized online banking for cross-outskirt development, combination and rivalry. In any case, online banking in the European Union with a solitary cash raises administrative and specialized issues. This paper is an advance report on the territory of online retail banking in the U.S.A, Japan and Europe. Why have banks grasped cyber technology? How have they reacted in their online business technique? What administrative issues emerge from electronic and online banking in the European Union when national monetary forms change over into Euro?
(Aladwani, 2001) in his study concluded that online banking is the most up to date and slightest comprehended conveyance channel for retail online banking services . However, hardly any, considers were accounted for measuring the issues applicable to this bleeding edge innovation. This paper reports the aftereffects of a quantitative investigation of the impression of banks’ official and IT directors and potential clients with respect to the drivers, advancement difficulties, and desires of online banking. The discoveries will be valuable for the two analysts and professionals who try to comprehend the issues significant to online banking.