An example within St Mary’s a new resident was admitted from her home. Mrs R age 78 who hadn’t left her house. Her anxiety, a common symptom of dementia, had made her increasingly lonely and isolated. After a couple of terrible falls, her daughter knew she couldn’t continue to live by herself. Something had to change. Her daughter decided that St Mary’s was the right place for her mum. Where resident felt like a home from home. Residents, despite their dementia, are treated as individuals and shown great care and kindness.
The care staff worked hard to build Mrs R trust and develop a relationship. Soon her anxiety was showing signs of improvement. Months later, Mrs R’ was well enough to join daily activities.
After a year at St Mary’s, Mrs R is now happy, active and, most importantly, content. Her daughter, who lives in London, visit frequently and is very happy to see her mum having fun with the team and other residents. Mrs R’ daughter says that moving her mum into St Mary’s was the right and best decision. The team love her and she loves them. She is happier than she’s been in years.
Moving to a care home is never easy, but in cases like this, it has given Mrs R a new lease of life. In my experience, person-centred dementia care really can be truly life-changing.