And year goes by people gradually recognize “Online Shopping”, it allows buyers and sellers to buy goods or services through online using different types of browser. In 2016 online shopping has a larger range; customer can shop through different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablet and smartphones. An online shop that buy products or services at a regular shopping center is called business-to-costumer (B2C) online shopping and when the online shop is buying from other businesses it is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping.
Our proposed system is e-Benta: An Android Based Application for swapping, selling and buying items. The main purpose of these apps is to help people to earn extra income to save their money for some reason. It helps people that need to dispose some of their items in good and useful way and it helps buyers that need a second hand items that are in good quality and has a lower price than the new product, and also affordable for all buyers.