Ans 3) I made new decisions, they all are mostly about the new surrounding around a child. The 3 categories which describes by Thomas and Chees, 1) easy babies 2) difficult babies and 3) slow to warm babies. (Feldman and Laundry, p.136). My Sheron is in 3rd category that is slow to warm babies. Whenever she saw a new person she felt a little shy, but with encouragement she enjoyed time with others who are non-familiar. So, usually I establishing her to new people and children, who are same age of Sheron. Realising her to have some freedom. So, in all that situation, I have to understand that what she need and allow her to feel protected, but in some cases I have to supervised her because I need her to be independent because now I have a second pregnancy. I base the hypotheses on what I have specially seen in the past. Some children are not able to solve their own problems because of very protective parents. “slow-to-warm babies are inactive, showing relatively calm relatively calm reactions to their environment. Their moods are generally negative, and they withdraw from new situations adapting slowly.” (Thomas and Chees, 1980, p.137).
Ans 4) I saw that Sheron is a little shy and always wants to connected with me. Always I encouraged her to do new things but every time I found that she needs support. Sheron is not violent, but sometimes would say “mine!”. But when other child wants same toy then Sheron gave it with smiley face. Sheron is now usually solve her problems for more than two steps. Moreover, Sheron is toilet trained now. My goal is that she will be a strong and an independent girl like me. She always focusing on her toys and she is good to do focus on that. She is mature to get beside with more children but she takes time for making with adults is thoroughly shy. After that, when she used to with them she is able to connect with them.