Antibacterial naphthaquinone Javanicin (84) (C15H14O6) exhibiting activity against Pseudomonas sp. was isolated from Chloridium sp. an endophyte of Neem (Kharwar et al. 2008). A new antifungal agent, cryptocandin was produced by endophytic Cryptosporiopsis cf. quercina. Cryptocandin (85) (C15H82N8O17) possessed antifungal activity against C. albicans, and Trichophyton rubrum. It also showed inhibitory activity against a number of plant-pathogenic fungi including Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Botrytis cinerea (Strobel et al. 1999). A novel endophytic fungus Edenia gomezpompae was isolated from the leaves of Callicarpa acuminata. This endophyte resulted in the isolation of four napthaquinone spiroketals and palmarumycin. The structures of the compounds were elucidated as Preussomerin EG1 (86) (C20H12O6), EG2 (87) (C20H14O7), EG3 (88) (C21H16O7). The compounds were tested against phytopathogens. All spiroketals possessed significant activity against all phytopathogens (Macias-Rubalcava et al. 2008).