As for his cognitive/intellectual development, he is able to communicate and express himself by verbally using simple language amid his social interactions. He has likewise established labelling words and could understand commands. For example, when his mum calls out his name; he would turn in her direction and look at her. During his nap time, when he was asked to sleep with his mum, he would place his head on the mattress and covers both of his eyes by using his hands. He is able to identify the usage of some things, such as the utilization of the telephone. He picked up his mum’s phone and instantly places it over his right ear. He is able to demonstrate the skill of helping himself until the point when he realises that he could not manage on his own, and then he would request for help by showing gestures and pointing to the item that he needs help with. For instance, when he could not reach out for his toy bike, he would call his mum out to assist him with getting the toy bike down. However, when he demonstrated by his mum to colour sorting, he does not show an interest to it.