As the larger part of the people’s beliefs, the majority cause of crime commitment is destitution. In my opinion, however, poor people motivate to sin more than others; I believe that other factors such as illiteracy and parent or friends influence would be as important as poverty.
On the other hand, to some extent, I agree with that, the poverty affected the human being’s senses, but it is related to person’s decision to be a criminal or not.
Too many problems that a person faces in the modern society makes him get angrier on the whole situation and look for the new way of solving their problem. The desperate economical situation in the country and consequently the lack of the work places especially for young people creates the thoughts and actions of crime. No guarantees from the government and no proper help to people who are poor, leads to the chaos and misunderstanding, where the only way out they find is to commit a crime.
Most often, poverty is treated as financial insecurity of people, when income of a person or family does not allow maintaining socially necessary consumption for life, interfering with normal living and personal development. Poverty serves as guidelines for shaping social policy. As a fact, crimes begin from the childhood. As per general rules if a child was born in a poor family, there are more chances that he will start committing crimes. One of the main aspects that can prevent poverty is education. If children are educated properly, then they will perceive the reality as it is and they will try to succeed in legal ways to study, to get a job. Sometimes, crimes are the symptom of the culture, and education can cure the cultural poverty and financial poverty will be cured itself, as a consequence.
History has confirmed that in reality, there is a direct connection between crime and poverty. Theories try to explain how people choose to commit a crime, their thoughts regarding the benefits and the dangers, why some commit crimes not considering the consequences, and why others never engage in crimes regardless of their desperate circumstances. This is referred to as criminology. All through history, scholars have attempted to elucidate what brings about a typical social behaviour, as well as crime. Efforts to prevent bad deeds revert-to pre-historic Hammurabi Babylon’s Code that took place 3,600 years ago. Later in the 17th century North America colonists believed crime and sin to be similar (George 2010, p. 36). They said evil spirits haunted people who did not comply with the social norms or obey the set rules. To uphold social order in the community, individuals who showed rebellious and disruptive behaviour were dealt with swiftly and habitually unsympathetically.
By the 21st century, criminologists examined wider range of aspects explaining why people chose to commit crimes (Harris 2006, p. 7). These comprised of biological, mental, societal, and economic factors. Typically, an amalgamation of these factors is behind an individual committing a crime. There are other reasons why people commit crimes like greediness, antagonism, jealousy, vengeance, or conceit. Some individuals choose to commit a crime and cautiously plan their steps beforehand to increase benefits and lessen risks. When doing this, they are making choices regarding their conduct. Some people even prefer a life of crime than that of having a regular career, believing that crime takes home greater returns, approbation, and pleasure at-least until they are incarcerated.The obvious injustice and no social guarantees make people feel as losers, who see the luxurious life and who cannot touch it. As a fact, there is a lot of envy because of such a big gap and so much poverty.

In conclusion, poverty and crime go hand- in- hand but the society should not over generalise ideas. Some people think that all poor people are criminals and social climbers. Even though poverty is linked with crime, some poor people are descent and they live a straight forward life. Poverty makes people engage in crimes in search for a better life, many feel that they are being denied their rights and so they choose the easy way out. Therefore, Poverty can be argued as the root cause of crime because the poor want to live a better life while the rich fear being poor. It must go against strong social inequalities. The only way to do this is to foster a society of equal opportunities.

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