Assessment task 1
Types of communication:
Communication- this is the act of carrying out any sort of conversation with someone
Sign language- is where deaf people use this type of language to communicate with others or for others to communicate with them. It can include hand gestures, body movement and facial expressions to deliver a person’s idea.
Braille- is where blind people use a written type of communication and in which characters are used so people who need can read computers, medication or any type of packaging.
Email- is a type of communication that most people usually use if they are at work or don’t have any other way of messaging someone but it’s a more professional way to communicate with someone.
Talking- is a more commonly used type of communication as everyone uses it in a day to day situation in socialising with someone while still having the development skills.

Need sign language but they may prefer the person to talk slowly so they can lip read and understand more. Example: A middle aged man is deaf and doesn’t like people to do sign language as he prefers to talk to him so he can read their lips as he feels it’s a better type of communication as its more sufficient as it helps him focus more on what they are saying but also helps him intellectually as he’s learning how to lip read.
Need braille but they may prefer the person to actually talk so they can hear their voice. Example: an elderly women is blind and people talk to her using braille and she doesn’t like this as it makes her feel like she can’t talk as they are just using braille but she talks back to them and asks them to talk to her as she likes it more than braille and keeps her brain focused but by also helping her remember words if she’s repeating them by talking.
Need social media but they may prefer to see their face while messaging them so they know how they are saying it so they don’t take it the wrong way. Example: a teenage girl was messaging her friend and they got into an argument as the girl said something to her but was taken in the wrong context as they can’t see the girls face so the friend automatically took it the wrong way but if the friend saw the girls face then she wouldn’t of taken it the wrong way this is why it’s important to see someone’s facial expressions while communicating.

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While being professional there are many things that are put into place so people are protected by others, some of the things that are put into place such as:
Policies/ boundaries:
Appropriate language- using and developing good trusting relationships with the service users but not as friends so business partners, but not using suggestive humour or any type of racial comments or discriminator behaviour. By following this they would be keeping the policies and boundaries put into place to prevent this happening.
Personal space- respecting someone’s personal space of all service users as they might read different interpretations to their actions. By following this they would be maintaining the boundaries put into place, and the policies would be maintained as well.
Personal appearance- keeping their appearance at a high level whilst at work, they are representing their company so they have to look representable but also having self-respect, expectations and core values. By following this they would make a good impression towards the service users while maintaining the boundaries put into place.
This can also be classed as a working relationship with a client or co-worker who interacts with them while in a workplace but their relationship must be kept professional as they can’t exchange any information about their clients to each other. Whilst being around the co-worker you are having a relationship with you have to be sensible around work and not kissing each other whilst at work as that would be unprofessional.
These are put into place so that things like a relationship between co-workers stay a professional relationship and if these policies and boundaries are broken then they might have a chance of losing their job.

While being personal there are many things that are put into place so people are protected by others, some of the things that are put into place such as:
No or different boundaries
No law involved
This can be also classed as a close relationship as well and it’s where someone is in a relationship with someone else because it is their job, where as a family or friend relationship is built upon a different reason.
In our job we may also have relations between other professionals or work colleagues who are necessary as it is part of the job and in the interests to the people we care for.
Example: balancing personal and professional boundaries