Avoidance: This is a style of conflict when I simply avoid the issue. I am not helping the others/group members to reach for their own goals and I am not insistently pursuing my own things. This issue happens when I am minor, or I have no chance of engaging. This conflict style can be effective when the problem would be very high. This style of conflict is also very effective when the atmosphere is emotionally stimulating, and I need to create some space. Sometimes issues will resolve themselves, but I am avoiding that it is not a good long-term strategy. This style is not appropriate when the conflict will continue or get worse without attention.

Accommodation: This style has happened when I cooperate to a high-degree and it may be at my own expense, and work against on my own goals, objectives and desired outcomes. This style is effective when the others/group members are the expert or has a better solution and for conserving future relations with the others/group members.

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Compromise: This is a style of conflict that the “lose-lose” scenario where neither other really realizes what they want. This style involves a moderate level of self-confidence and co-operation. This style may be appropriate for scenarios where I need a temporary solution or where both sides have equally important goals. The trick is to decrease into compromising as an easy way out when collaborating would give a better solution.

Collaboration: This is a style of conflict where I and my group members/people pair up with the other group to achieve both of our goals. This is how I break free of the “win-lose” example and pursue the “win-win.” This can be effective for complex situations where I need to find a different solution. This style of conflict can also mean forming the challenge to create a bigger space and scope for everybody’s ideas. The weakness is that it requires a high degree of trust and reaching a consensus can require a lot of time and effort to get everybody on board and to gather all the ideas.

Competition: This is the style of conflict which is approached by “win-lose”. I act in a very confident way to achieve my goals without seeking to collaborate with the others and it may be at the expenditure of the others. This style may be appropriate for crises when the time is of the spirit or when I need fast, significant action and people are aware of and support the approach. This style is not appropriate when People/others are feeling complex about the conflict and the situation is not urgent.