becoming a speech language pathologist and get my masters degree. I want to make a change by helping people with speech disoI have faced many obstacles in my life which has shaped me into the person I am today. I come from a low income household and my parents are seperated. The only person who I look up to is my mom. She is a hard working mom that works for hours everyday and makes sure we have everything we need. One day I just want to be able to help her out and give her everything because she deserves it all. I’m a Daca student, the first one from my family to graduate from high school and intending to attend college. I want to be a role model and set an example to my siblings and show them that no matter what obstacles they face in life everything is possible.
I’m a student at Knight High School and I challenge myself by trying to take an honor class, advanced placement classes , by getting myself involved in high school activities and community service. I have grown throughout my highschool years. I was in colorguard my 9th-11th grade year and became Co-captain my junior year . I was also in win