Christopher Wolfgang Alexander was an influential architect, design theorist and a professor. He was considered as the “Father of Pattern Language” in architecture and as well as in computer science. He was also the author of the book, Pattern Language, a first completely written book in hypertext in 1977. Up until today’s architecture, his works are still used by different architectural communities of practice which includes the New Urbanist movement. He has personally built over a hundred buildings. Some criticized his work as too much of architectural theory and practice.

He was an architect who was known for his intensely creative buildings. He developed the American architectural style. He believed in designing structures that were in accordance with humanity and its environment. This is a philosophy he called, organic architecture which was embodied by his work, Fallingwater in 1935 which was also believed to be the best work of American architecture. Wright’s works were basically established in accordance to the imagery of the modern architectural environment.

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