Competency Statement IV
(To establish positive and productive relationships with families)

My professional practices meets this standard because I treat the children’s family like they are family to me. I start out with a good first impression and always greet them with a smile on my face. I am dedicated to bring outstanding service to each child and parent by learning and respecting their cultural backgrounds. I maintain confidentialilty by good documentation , not sharing delicate information by keeping families personal conversation private. I encourage my families to volunteer so they can become accustomed to the teaching methods used to teach thier children.

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I ensure that families are kept aware of what’s happening in their child’s daily/weekly life by providing them with a daily schedule. The daily schedule provides them with an outlook on the activities thier child is participating in at every second of the day. Another method I use in my setting is a weekly newsletter. Newsletters help keep an open line of communication with busy parents and informs them of the activities planned for the week to come. I encourage my parents to stop in and get involved with their child. It is important to build a partnership with parents to help enhance positive behavior in young children. Children learn better with consistency which should be kept between school and home.So the child will know thier boundaries and consquences of thier behavior and what is expected of them.

I ensure parents that I am a mandated reporter to report any child abuse, child neglect, or anything that dangers the child. I provide them with resources of organizations that provide support for our families. In the morning, I ask my parents how their morning is going and how their child slept overnight, trying to observe the parent or the child to see if there is something new or if there is anything I should be concerned about. This awareness directs my teaching in a good way. It helps me approach the children better. I show the parents that I truly care about their child succeeding, so they open up to inform me of any serious information I need to know about.
preferred language.

The feedback I recieved on my Family Opinion Questionnaires were fantasic. My strong points are “Nuturing thier child, helping him/her build a postivie self-idenity and respect for every child’s cultural background and “Establishing positive, responsive and ccoperate relationships with the parents and other members of their family. The feedback redirected me to develop a goal to work on communicating with parents in preferred language.