Contrast package holiday and travelling aloneList:
travel timeaccomodationsafetyget rid of booking thingstravelling deviceIf somebody decide to go on holiday, there are two types of travels package holiday or travelling alone. Package holidays are advertised in travel companies brochures, the agency organize everything while travelling alone needs to organize everything on your own. Firstly there is a difference between the travel time, the travel agency has fix appointments for holidays but if you book your holiday in your hand is the choice which appointment is suitable for you. You can choose several different accomodations for example hotel, villa, apartment, bungalow where you want. When you go on holiday by an agency you can choose which country and which resort to visit. However if you choose the package holiday is more safer than travelling alone baceuse the agency pay attention the costumers safe so they organize only trips for safety places or areas instead of if you choose your destination. You get rid a great many activities booking accomodation, flight tickets take out travel insurance so you can save a lot of time and also convenient because the agency. It requires longer time and accuracy to make a well organized trip for yourself. As for the package holiday they decide about the travel device and if you travel individual you have a chance to find the appropriate vehicle. In conclusion both package holiday and travel alone have advantages and disadvantages