Dear scholarship selection committee,

I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Mr. Alula for admission into the graduate program in your university. As Environmental Biotechnology Directorate Director, I have known him for the last two years both professionally and personally. Mr. Alula is working as an assistant researcher in Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, Environmental Biotechnology Directorate, and ranks among the best young researchers in our unit.
During the last two years, Mr. Alula has shown an extremely high level of intellectual curiosity, independence, and self-motivation. He is able to formulate hypothesis very easily and comes up with very well designed experiments. Mr. Alula accomplishes all activities assigned to him with great passion and commitment. Be it in the exploring of intricate methods in waste management, energy production, and resource recovery, or the establishment of best practices with an emerging technology, Alula consistently delivers high-quality effort for our organization. This speaks to his overall intellect and ability to learn, attributes that will serve him well in his graduate study.
Mr. Alula has been working closely with members of our organization to share his knowledge and expertise, most notably in environmental biotechnology roadmap review, problem identification, developing concept note and research proposals.
Mr. Alula has demonstrated the ability to work independently with great creativity and enthusiasm. He also put in many long hours. He worked as hard as my best colleagues. Mr. Alula teamed up with other researchers to work on a project involving sugar industry waste management. The project included sample collection, physiochemical analysis of sample, product development and characterization. Mr. Alula excelled in each one of these areas.
Alula’s broad range of interests speaks well to his potential as a researcher, both in bringing a wide range of theory to the ongoing projects and carrying forward new hypotheses of interest to researchers. Working closely with him, I have observed his passion for wastewater treatment and water reuse, solid waste management, energy production and resource recovery. His combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and a compassionate character will certainly make him a valuable member of any academic program. Hence, I strongly recommend him for this scholarship.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.

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