Dipaliben Patel

RW Skills L5

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Professor Rodgers

2 November 2018

Is Discovery always a good thing?

Today’s modern era, people’s interest in the unknown world has been universal. Nowadays discovery has become more and more important for humans. Some people believe that discovery is a good thing. They will deter you if something is going wrong. While other hand some people argue that discovery brings disaster for humans. Personally, I think discovery has a positive effect on our lives. It provides benefits more than risk. It makes our life easy and comfortable. In this essay, I will discuss how discovery is comfortable for human’s life.

In last two decades, human have discovered so many crucial things in the medical things. These medical discoveries have a great impact on human’s life. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays. It is one of the most powerful, useful, and lifesaving diagnostic tools in the world. Through X-rays we are able to see our skin and watch our bones in underneath.