Dropout is a burning issue throughout the world. All the advanced and developing countries are stressed over the
future of their country. Prosperity and advancement cannot be achieved and maintained without the educated
manpower in the society. A state having illiterate and low qualified personnel cannot function properly. The
dropout phenomenon is neither an issue of the past nor present but if it was ignored then it becomes a burning
issue for future generations. This issue has not been originated today however it dates back to the historical
background of education. The out of school and out of occupation individuals are distressing issue for society. It
acts like dynamite for the socioeconomic stability of a state. In order to address this issue, it should be properly
defined before moving towards its solution, generally, a dropout alludes to any learner who leaves
school before completing secondary high school certification

Extensive research work has been carried out on enrollment and dropout rates.
Poor quality of education especially in public sector schools contribute to
high dropout rates. The key causes of high dropout are; poor socioeconomic status of the country; lack of
physical facilities in schools; lack of sufficient findings; expensive textbooks,
unsatisfactory standards of nutrition and health; unsatisfactory condition of school building; lack of parental
interest to send children to schools; harsh attitudes of teachers; unfavorable school environment; heavy weight of
school bag; practice of compelling children to repeat classes; learning problems of children;
long distances to schools;
poor communication facilities; negligent management and poor administration;
discouraging attitude of administrative and supervisory workforce towards teaching community; teachers’
absenteeism; illegal political interference; ineffective curriculum; poor quality of education; rigid examination
system; non-availability of textbooks on time, inflexible formal education system;

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Research revealed that students’ dropout is caused by individual, social, family, and academic factors.
Students drop out when they experience low academic.
achievement. Due to unsatisfactory academic background, students fail to meet the academic expectations.