Employers must ensure that the workplace is safe for both employees and service users, and follow the correct health and safety regulations. Risk assessments must have been carried out to promote safe practice and to minimise accidents. This will also help employer and employees to know how to respond in the case of an accident. Employers must use the RIDDOR act 2013 when an accident does happen. This can prevent similar occurrences from happening again.
A responsibility of the employer is to make sure the workplace has the relevant equipment and resources to fulfill their duty of care. Not only is it important that the correct equipment and resources are provided, but it is also important that it is all up to date and effectively in safe working condition that is safe for service users and employees.
Lastly, a big responsibility of the employers is to provide all the relevant information to employees, including the correct training to carry out their job to the best of their ability. This prevents employees from carrying out tasks that they are not qualified to do and harming either service users or themselves. Employers must also receive all the relevant information from new employees and ensure a DBS check is carried out for each individual who is working in the setting. This will also promote safe practice and prevent dangerous individuals from working with vulnerable service users.

Cherry Trees Children’s Centre did not do anything that was required of them.
They may have done a risk assessment, but it was not effective as they have continued to fire doors locked and play equipment cracked and broken away in parts, making it a big possibility for accidents to happen and be unable to prevent them.

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