It is difficult to overestimate the relevance of alcohol addiction today. This is a real problem, which in most cases can only be solved with the help and support of experienced professionals. We are regularly approached by people who decide to “tie up” forever or, at least, who want to stop abusing alcohol.

Many of them went through psychologists, hypnologists, did coding, attended meetings of anonymous alcoholics. For a while, this helped to pause, but as a result, sooner or later, inevitably, a breakdown occurred, and the binges resumed with renewed vigour. So is it really possible once and for all to remove alcohol addiction?

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The treatment of alcohol dependence is a long and difficult process. The drinker must finally decide to undergo rehabilitation and a complete rejection of alcohol, which can be quite difficult to do.

There are many ways to treat alcoholism, but still difficult to say which one is most effective.

Alcoholism treatment:

The successful practice of treating alcoholism allows us to confidently answer this question: yes, alcoholism can be cured. Cure once and for all, without fear, face a possible relapse and subsequent powerful rollback to a hated lifestyle in ethanol tones.

The methods we use have reliably proven themselves, they allow you to:

• Permanently remove the constant craving for alcohol;

• Avoid depression after cessation of alcohol use;

• Restore health, undermined by prolonged binges;

• To return healthy joy and love of life, the sources of which were previously only alcoholic drinks;

• Naturally control future alcohol consumption;

• Alcoholism Treatment Methods;

These methods include:

• Body-oriented therapy;

• Positive phonosemantic attitudes;

• Contact and non-contact acupuncture;

• Detoxification;

• Psychotherapy;

• Hypnosis;

• Various other unconventional methods of treatment.

They quickly return to excellent health, do not cause discomfort during the session, and allow you to not just stop alcohol cravings, but completely change your attitude to alcohol: make it indifferent and naturally redirect attention to other areas of life, its truly important and valuable aspects.

The number of sessions necessary to completely eliminate alcohol dependence may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the duration of alcohol abuse and age. On average, to completely eliminate unhealthy cravings, you need from three to seven full-time sessions, and a general improvement in the condition is already observed in the process of the first session and remains at its completion.


When treating patients for alcohol addiction, specialists apply comprehensive approaches to solving each individual problem. However, we can distinguish the main stages that are applicable in each case: detoxification of the body, psychotherapy, the choice of a specific blocker or the existing methods of prohibition, psychocorrection and, of course, long-term rehabilitation. The staged treatment is important, because only in this way is it possible to achieve real results, up to the complete cure of the patient.

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