Everyone talks about the dangers of smoking but what are things in smoking that makes it poisonous and toxic for health and also the atmosphere around the smoker including every other person near any smoker. Well, there are several chemical compounds present in the combination of the cigarette people are having with such a careless attitude.

They are:

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• Nicotine

• Mercury

• Mercury cyanide

• Hydrogen cyanide

• Ammonia carbon monoxide

• Tar

• Tobacco

Negative Effects of Cigarettes

These compounds make a cigarette and the one plays the role in making a person addictive and eventually turning him into a smoker is nicotine. This chemical nicotine is extremely dangerous as it reaches the brain in a matter of seconds, on the other hand, energize the person for a limited period of time which makes a person to have more and more and this cycle never ends. Due to this dangerous material called nicotine people find it difficult to leave smoking once the habit is built up.

Tar is another material that’s deathly as this substance is the cause of cancer in the body. While smoking a cigarette carbon monoxide is also produced. It is produced due to the incomplete burning of carbon-containing compounds or material. So, how is it poisonous for body? Well, simple is that carbon monoxide CO reacts with hemoglobin very quickly and forms a compound carboxyhemoglobin. Due to the formation of this substance oxygen is not able to react with the receptors of the cell. This becomes the reason for the deficiency of oxygen in the body leading the heart to work harder. This, of course, leads to the results like racing of heart, high blood pressure and more. The fact that carbon monoxide enters the system quickly and takes few days to leave the body is actually very dangerous because most of the smokers smoke on daily basis that means their system is not getting enough time to cleanse itself.

These are the few compounds about which we have told you about. There are several more severe things happening in the smoker’s body due to smoking.

What diseases people get because of smoking:

• Heart diseases

• Different types of cancers

• Brain tumor

• Diabetes

• Hypertension

• Peripheral vascular disease


All these lethal diseases may be caused by smoking. These are only happening to the smoker what about those who are near him? Yes, their health is also affected by the smoke that is formed as a result of smoking. These are the reasons why people are suggested to quit smoking. There are experts who can help a smoker to stop smoking for good. The concept that a smoker can never quit smoking is false. There are ways by which he can leave it. Most of them are hard but Allen Carr institute knows the easiest and best ways to quit smoking. Contact them, having your appointment, and get your sessions started.

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