The British Psychological Society has ethical guidelines to protect those that participate in trial and the psychologist reputation. The rights and dignity, and protecting those that participate from harm is a duty the researchers have to abide by. These trials could benefit the participants on the other hand. Failing to carry out certain research could be costly as stated by Rosenthal and Rosnow (1984). Who is to weigh up whether the research was justified. The interest of the individual involved always be priority.
Some of the ethical dilemmas and conflicts are:
? Treatment
In case of the selection of which treatment to use with service users, who should determine it or who should be consulted on the final decision?
? Lifestyle Choices
With transgender or sexuality who should decide – is it the parents or the individual or the expert/professional and at what age?
Should these issues be legislated or not?

? Data Protection
The issues of privacy, confidentiality, informed consent, sharing or using accumulated personal data for research purposes or professional validation.

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Each psychological perspective brings a different approach which is fundamental to understanding and study of the human body.