Situation With Legalizing Marijuana in New York State

Legalizing marijuana in New York State has been under consideration since 2013 and is long overdue. Since Governor Cuomo has decided that recreational use of marijuana is not a bad thing for New Yorkers and the democrats have a majority in the state senate and the assembly and public opinion is in favor of legalization, […]

Marijuana Legalization Essay

Introduction With approximately 3 million and 8 million individuals reporting its daily and monthly use, respectively, marijuana has remained the most widely utilized illicit drug in the US (Pacula & Smart, 2017). Moreover, states have been trying to experiment with its liberalization policies for the past few years even though the federal law has criminalized […]

Essay on Medical Marijuana

American’s rely on many outlets that helps soothe bodily functions when it comes down too many health conditions. People often abuse medication due to unbearable pain and their medications being ineffective. Many studies show that cannabis should be approved as medical usage. What makes cannabis medical? First, you’re dealing with plant-based which sparks your mind. […]

View on Drugs in Ancient World

The word ‘drugs’ is often associated with substances like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, among other ‘recreational’ drugs but the word primarily describes chemicals consumed when one faces some kind of physical distress. To the Greeks and the Romans, drugs ranged from medicines and poisons to perfumes and psychoactive substances. They extracted oils and liquids from different […]

Essay on Negative Effects of Drugs Use

Introduction The drug is any substance applied either internally or externally onto an individual’s body with an aim of causing some desirable effects by altering the nervous system working. Drugs have been used for centuries in form of treatment for the sick. Circumstances have however changed as evidenced by the current world where drug abused […]

Discussion Around Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana was considered an illicit substance and its consumption illegal until recently when medical science spoke in favor of it as a cure for serious chronic diseases. As few first-world nations moved towards the legalization of this substance (Uruguay, Catalonia, Canada, and nine states of the USA), the debate is picking up in others to […]