Evaluate how the vision and strategic direction of the team influences team practice

Leaders need to present teams with a set vision for the staff and others.
It is the likely to influence organizational members and to carry out changes and employers to fellow their own ideas. Strategic leaders work in doubtful surroundings on very difficult issues that influence and are influenced by occasions and organizations external to their own.

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Visions matter they are useful to motivate and gain commitment, but what really inspires people are results, seeing things happen and the feeling that they are achieving goals. Providing teams with a regular review of what has been achieved and what’s next will go a long way towards keeping people keen. Leaders have to direct and shape the teams they lead. Renewing this on a regular basis is useful, it helps people to know that they are still going in the direction they thought they were. And also if staff being able to see that they have opportunities to progress is very motivating and is likely to result in improved retention of staff. It is another economically sound strategy.