Ever since the first few of my GCSE business lessons in the autumn of year 10 I knew this is what I wanted to do as I progressed through my education and career. It provides an insight to how the business and financial world around us works and the fundamental processes and activities that drive our society and everyday lives. I believe another driving factor in my interest in business would also be my father, who runs a successful IT recycling company, and throughout the school holidays I would often pester him to come to work in order to fulfil my intrigue of business. In addition to this, I am also currently spending a lot of time in and around the business due to it being so geographically close the King Edward VI college, where I currently study, therefore I get a day to day insight into the operations of a business and the qualities needed to manage such as a business.
This ardor for business was further fueled by the work experience I attended at BRI Wealth Management. Not only did this cement the idea that this is what I could see myself doing but also exposed me to experience of the theory of business put into practice as well as helping me to develop my skills within the finance aspect of business. It also allowed me to see the avenues in which business can take you and reinforced the idea that it is the industry in which I want to study and work.
In the summer of 2017, I participated in World Challenge. During this experience me and 12 other students from my secondary school, The Chantry School, embarked on an expedition to the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. During this expedition I fulfilled a consistent role in managing and being a member of a team on an expedition that helped me to develop my skills and character. This entailed independently, as well as team, helping to arrange and prepare food, accommodation, transport and finances while undergoing cultural and environmental changes. As well as the expedition itself being physically demanding that caused consistent mental challenges and problems that I had to overcome as both a cohesive team as well as an individual. Not only will this aid me in the adaptation to university and independent life, but I believe this experience and the skills developed on this are vital in being successful in the world of business as well as higher education. As not only has it enforced the importance and rewards of hard work, but I also think that it has prepared me for life even after university and in business management as the business world is constantly changing and the success and survival of a business is hugely dependent on how those managing the business evolve and adapt to these changes.
At college I also study A-level Math’s and A level Physics, I believe that these will aid me in further business education and during my career as they have helped me to develop methodical problem-solving skills that allow me to solve problems more effectively and efficiently as well as aiding me with numbers and finance aspect of business.
I also play for 2 6- aside football teams, for one of which I was elected captain and for the other being very successful, finishing high in the league consistently throughout each season. I would be looking to participate in similar teams in or around university to maintain the good work- life balance. Although the team I captain have had limited success, this highlights not only my leadership qualities, but also my resilience and drive to always improve and better myself in everything I do and that I am simply not satisfied with what I achieve but always want to improve and better myself, and I feel this is a huge consistent source of my motivation that led me to achieving straight A’s at GCSE including two grade 8s as well as a grade 9. I believe this motivation will be key in the academical challenges of university and will help me to achieve the best I can through not only my academical studies but in every walk of life.