Every child is the future hope of the family, productive society and the nation. Children are the seeds of growing life on earth that need to be respected and protected. Parents in the family have major roles in safeguarding and providing all kinds of needs of their children and family basically is the safest place for them. Unfortunately there are some cases of abuse and irresponsibility that most of the victims are the innocent ones.

Before we consider the legitimacy of local and international laws, there are universal principles and rules that are governing each normal person’s own logic manifesting on his actions or conduct. That’s why family first of all can be the safest place for children or young people because parents or significant adults have to follow natural principles and rules that each normal person is capable of doing so. But generally because of negligence from adults and lack of responsibilities, the local government became concern for safeguarding children and the Convention is made for the rights of the Child implementing policies, guidelines, procedures and making legislation for the welfare of children.

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