Every police officer wants and desires and Without it, a police officer cannot do his or her duties and will not be accepted by others in the ranks. Courage comes is physical and bravery.
The courage to follow your heart.
To stand up for what is right.
To insist the face of difficulty.
To face suffering with dignity and faith.

For example, a neighbour of this person that knows them rings the police and tells them that their neighbour hasn’t came out the house for couple of day they feel like something’s wrong as the person used to come over , says hello, gets up in the Moring for jog also the neighbour cooks food as this person lives alone, so police officer had to follow it up as someone in the public was concern and it was their job to see everything was ok , officer attends the house knocks the door couple of times , no response , so the officer observes the house the front of the house and the back garden , as the offer goes to the back garden and sees a light of the living room is on so the officer takes a closer look and sees the person was hanging , calls for back up and ambulance , for an officer to see something like this for the first time is hard and shocking and have to be brave to see something upsetting and could upset others to tell the neighbour and also to tell the family it takes a lot as it is heart breaking and takes a lot of courage and what’s rightful is to tell them. Its not easy but its part of the job.

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