Fine aggregate is a fundamental part of concrete. The worldwide utilization of common waterway sand is high because of the broad utilization of concrete. Specifically, the interest for regular stream sand is very high in created nations inferable from infrastructural development. In this circumstance some creating nations are confronting a lack in the supply of common sand. The non-accessibility of adequate amount of conventional stream sand for influencing bond to concrete is influencing the development of the development business in numerous parts of the nation. Hence, the development enterprises in creating nations are under worry to distinguish elective materials to diminish the request on waterway sand. So as to diminish the reliance on common aggregates as the fundamental wellspring of aggregates in concrete, falsely made aggregates and counterfeit aggregates produced from mechanical squanders give a contrasting option to the development business. Some elective materials have just been utilized as a part of place of characteristic waterway sand. For instance, fly fiery remains, slag and lime stone, siliceous stone powder, shake clean and quarry squander were utilized as a part of concrete blend as an incomplete substitution of characteristic sand. Thus the suspicion is stone powder aggregate could be an other option to normal sand in readiness of concrete.