Firstly, no comparably sized aircraft can be matched with the cost efficiency and profitability of modern A330-300 Airbus jets, which offer much lower operating costs per seat than its closest competitor. The A330-300 has the flexibility to cover all ranges – from short distance to long distance – while accommodating 300 passengers in a comfortable and quiet cabin. In addition, the flexibility designed by the jetliner allows operators to integrate Airbus’ innovative crew break facilities without sacrificing passenger seat seats.
Furthermore, this aircraft serves everyone, everywhere; from the largest megacities to the smallest dream islands, this plane continues to delight passengers and airlines. As a twin-engine twin bridge that can carry between 277 and 440 passengers, the A330-300 is flexible enough to offer multiple seating options while consistently delivering high-quality comfort to all those on board.
Other then that, acquiring from continuous investment over the past 20 years it combines the most modern facilities in comfort and experience in flight. This spacious and attractive cabins have an elegant ambient lighting, comfortable more spacious seating than its rival and latest generation entertainment system. Its cabin is also one of the most quiet in the sky, creating a calm environment for the entire flight. Movies on request allow passengers to fit their personal preferences, while satellite connection options allow passengers to use mobile phones, internet and in air emails which enable them to stay up-to-date with social media, business email or whatever happens above land.