For over a thousand years, people have been burning fossil fuel. The knowledge and technology created to be able to exploit fossil fuel has given it the upper hand over biofuel in recent history. The most considerable benefit of fossil fuel is its energy density. Fossil fuels can typically do more with less, making them very practical for transportation, and several other day-to-day uses. So regarding density, currently fossil fuel has the advantage over biofuel.
Fossil fuel’s primary disadvantage is that it is a depleting limited supply that which will eventually run dry. A significant secondary biological issue is the numerous portions of the animal kingdom affected by oil spills, and the climate change, global warming, and acid rain induced by the pollution produced from industrial factories. Fossil fuel has given humans an advantage in the industrialization and technological growth over the last centuries, but knowing that it will eventually run out, and planning ahead for future generations should drive the need to begin reconsidering biofuel.