Furthermore, the theoretical term of fiqh indicates of legal rulings gained through ijtih?d (independent reasoning). “Sharia is the law; fiqh is our interpretation of the law”, (sources:https://medium.com/@eggfordinner/a-brief-history-of-fiqh-ed18d57785d5). The website also brief that as a muslim, we can uncover and live our life according to Sharia if we are broadly going through fiqh. This expression was taken from the same website which stated, “Sharia has an independent, ideal existence, and the goal of fiqh is to work it out,”. Technically, fiqh is part of Islamic law, therefore the word ‘legal’ is part of the definition as well (Anas Pa, n.d). Another definition of fiqh according to Ibn Abbas, is a wisdom in which we are able to greatly recognize ahkam between halal and haram (Zubair Abbasi, 2016). Imam Abu Hanifah defined the term fiqh as “a person’s knowledge of his rights and duties”, (Hafiz Muhammad Azeem, n.d).

To compile all the definition of fiqh according to various scholars and researchers, the term basically defines knowledge, understanding, comprehension and Islam jurisprudence. It is actually a deep understanding of Sharia law. Hence, as a Muslim ourselves, it is necessary for us to go into detailed discussions regarding the term in order to excel our knowledge in the field.

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