Has a lot of trash inside
Burns a lot of trash cost a lot of pollution
A lot of people rely on this to get money to pick up trash 6500 tons of trash are thrown here every day
6500 tons of trash are thrown there every day
It holds the world record it contains 40 million tons of waste 6 times the weight of the pyramid of giza shown at gwr(guiness world record) 2016
It has a lot of trash
It is dangerous because there is some methane in it when the gas is burned.
Dangerous because the trash can fall into people walking through it when the trash pile up so people get injured
This school plays an important role because it can teach the students to recycle.
Now the trash is 20-25 meters tall and that’s very bad because in a couple of years the trash place is going to overflow.
We can recycle trash and putting separating cans and bottles paper and the general trash and the paper


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Jakarta post says that the families are in bad condition a lot of families are needing for money because they have not get paid for a few weeks and the company wants to . The jakarta post is putting it in their website so now a lot of people know what is happening there. Now a lot of people know a lot about it.
We can recycle the trash so that it will stop pilling up in bantar gebang. We can also throw trash if we see them in the beach or public place. We can can burn the trash but it can cause a lot of pollution. A lot of people will also have lung problem because they inhale a lot of unhealthy gas.