Hazards for equipment’s:
In health and social care, there are many equipment’s which are used by different professionals. These equipment’s that could cause hazards are:
• Equipment’s left untidy which can block doors and fire exits or to cause an individual to fall.
• Lack of awareness of hazards: this could be moving objects or surfaces with chemicals or harmful substances on them
• Unsafe practices: this could be unprotected wires or overloaded sockets.
• Poor maintenance: this be broken equipment’s, frayed wiring kept in unsafe places.
When it comes to equipment’s hazards, service providers need to be aware, anticipate and avoid it.
When working with equipment’s in health and social care, it is important that service providers check that they are fully working and functional. When working with equipment’s, it is important that they are checked regularly in a scheduled form and recorded. When equipment’s are found to be faulty, they should be kept away or fixed because when used, they could read false results or cause injury to health providers and users. Example of equipment’s which need to be checked could be Hoists, medical equipment’s, x- ray machines, fire and safety checks etc.

Plug and sockets should be kept away and out of sight so that no one can trip on them or even get shocked. All electrics should be checked regularly and recorded because if the equipment is not safe, it can cause harm and injuries to the individual who may use it.
Computers are one of the main equipment’s we use in health and social care. A computer can also cause harm to an individual for example being positioned too high which can cause repetitive neck and back pains. It can also be bad for sight is the light is too bright or two low.

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