He is a Japanese’s animator of many iconic films by Studio Ghibli like my Neighbour Totoro. He was born January 5 in 1941 and is currently age 77 and has animated 35 or more films, the latest being Castle in the Sky in 25 December 1989 (United Kingdom)
In 1963 he work for a Toei Animation who are famous for their dragon balls series and sailor moon series

His work is hand drawn, then layered thin silty transparent paper upon each other creating the illation of movement, all thought this process is tedious its effective with a larger team each working on individual part then adding them together to create a fully animated scene.

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This is a scene from spirted away when a character Rin who walks in with some food, is hand drawn to mimic the movement of balancing the objects and crawling.

All thought there is better equipment like digital tablets and new software he still draws hand then animated later.
The key point to focuses on when hand drawing animating is:
* Drawing
* Lighting
* Colours
* Background
* Shading
* Music
* Sound effects
* Art
In many documentaries its said that he use’s reference from watching how people and animals moving and perform certain action

He also uses real life places for inspiration on the background of if films a good example of this is the baths house from spired away, bath houses are very common in japan and he studied a specific bath house in Taiwan’s Jiufen he once came across.

Majer Fleischer was his original name he was born in July 19, 1883 and died on September 11, 1972.
He became one of the pioneer in developing the animated cartoon as one of the co-founders of Fleischer Studios alongside with Dave Fleischer.

He was born July 14, 1894 and died June 25, 1979 which is 7 years after his brother max Fleischer. Unlike his brother who was born in Austrian Poland Dave was born in New York.
“his first major invention, “The Rotoscope” and was the source of their first character who evolved into “Koko the Clown” in the pioneering series, Out of the Inkwell (1919–27).”

Fleischer first set up operations at Carpenter-Goldman Laboratories located in Queens in New York. They animation is famous for there silence which only separates clips with words to explain the basics, you would use the moving images to mainly describe the scene. This was known as the Silent Era later they started experimenting with sound in cartoons which stared with Noah’s Lark, that was released October 25, 1929 and become one the first sound animation

For references they also used real life references to grasp the idea of movement, then they would change it to more exaggerated, so a man walking would be changed to a man taking large exaggerated steps to make it more comedy appropriate.
As for background he also used real life-based background that were copied using the Rotoscoping.

These two animators Hayao Miyazaki and the Fleischer brothers, both animated in similar ways using the classic technique with hand drawing the pictures and layering them how ever Hayao miyazaki has the power of modern animation gear like software and copy machines to copy and edit images.

where’s as the Fleischer brother wouldn’t have had that type of technology so they used hand drawing layers and using Rotoscoping which was tool used by animators within that period, it helps create realisation scenery animation by drawing layer over layer.

There work is very different but very similar, as they both stared as drawn images in abundance on layers to build up the scene. However apart from the technology difference the appeal is different as the Fleischer brothers used less detailed and exaggerated body parts on the character to add the comical.

Were as Hayao Miyazaki is more realistic with his work and unlike how anime was with its larger enhance eyes and over expressive faces Miyazaki used natural colours and realistic yet cartoony eyes which you can get some scenes of his art style well watching any of his films.

So, using what these animated had, they were able adapted to what technology was available until there technique was more advance introducing more element for better quality animations.

The concept of animation is movement on an image using frames. By layering frames on top of frames you can create the illusion of movement,

Eadweard Muybridge was born on April 9, 1830,
he was a photographer who claimed that horse had all feet in the air well running, however many disclaimers didn’t believe this was true, so he decided to prove it by taking many pictures of a horse running using a system of tripwires set up to cameras resulting in many images of a horse moving frame by frame

There is many types and method of animating with Hayao Miyazaki and the Fleischer brothers they both used the same similar type of animating but using different mean of doing so, this is known as the traditional drawing style as it was part of the beginning of animating.

There is also stop motion using many other methods like digitally editing a frame by tracing the original image and changing it in different ways like in “A Scanner Darkly”
Or you could animated using objects like moving them slightly and taking a picture of each movement then reassemble them in a flip motion, this is done using Lego or clay. This is the animation used to create Tim burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, using stop motion with mini posable figure is and models of building adding a little bit of CGI (computer generated image) to animate their faces more fluently.

These are what’s needed to create an animated film and their films are uses 2 hours long meaning many frames are needed.

For the style I will use when I animate my shot is called is Traditional animation where I will use pencils and pens to draw each fame by hand.
To do this I will first copy each frame (using a light box) by moving part like a leg in
Then I will scan them into the computer where I will trace them but using a graphic tablet which is optional, and a program like Adobe Photoshop.

Then I will copy the finished images into another program like adobe premiere pro or adobe animate, where I can then add effects, background, sound effects and background music.

the classic hand drawn style then copies each image as if there moving for example and walking man could take maybe 10 frames to draw each frame of the man moving by frame then in to the computer then re trace them but in detail using Adobe Photoshop then I will add them to together in adobe animate