Hello Roebuck Primary School, today I am running for student counselor. My name is Riley Cole and I am in year 5 going into year 6. I am always 100% focused on my work and I take lots of risks and I can work very well with others. I have been at Roebuck Primary School since kindy and I have learned so much throughout my experience. As next year is my last year at Roebuck I would like to spend part of it as a student counselor. I have many ways that fellow student councilors and I can make the school an even better place to learn. I can help others to make students fly higher in learning with pilot. Some of those ideas are to keep having nude food days, keep the colour run going, also get some shade sails on the basketball court because in term1 and term 4 it gets pretty hot out there. Some of my strengths are working well with others and independently while one of my weaknesses is public speaking and I am determined to get over that weakness.  I am looking forward to next year so if you believe that I could be an excellent year 6 student councilor vote for me, Riley Cole no.1
Thank you and you won’t regret it!