Here, it is clear that Jack is very talented. Thus Mark Wilson is very much confident on him. But still Jack could not solve the issue and in turn he did not
reach upto the Mark’s expectations. Especially in this major companies like McRoy Aerospace, they should always have many other options in these kind
of situations. As Mark Wilson is an important person in the company, who has all the authorities, he should have thought in a different way for assigning
the problem.
Along with Jack, he should also involve some other persons to work on the same issue, so that he could have many options to finalize the best feasible
solution among them. Since it is a very important project, Mark Wilson cannot leave it. In this situation, he should definitely resolve the issue. Mark
would have given extra time, if Jack needs it. For every person like Jack, it becomes frustrating to handle the complete situation alone.
Even Mark, being an experienced manager, he should not put more pressure on efficient employee like Jack.