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Media Vehicle: Experiential Marketing

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Submitted by: ravinder singh (n01221887)
adarsh ramotra (n01251995)
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Adidas: “jumpwithdrose”JUMP WITH DORSE
Brief overview:
Our group is presenting on Experiential. It is an excellent platform which we feel that can produce great work itself. Adidas is a multinational corporation which has its headquarters in Germany. Adidas designs and manufactures shoes clothing and all another sportswear products. adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer after Nike. Adolf Dassler is the founder of the Adidas company. Nowadays the most famous tool that the companies and people they use in order to discover themselves is social media, but experiential is about designing an campaign where they communicate with the people directly in order to make a promotion of their product. It is an excellent way of promoting their products through a campaign by communicating with people face to face instead of reaching them in a different way and it saves a lot of time.

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Our group is working on experiential campaign which is known as Jump with dorse. This campaign was held in London which was named as “#jumpwithdrose” where the unique store gave the chance to the fans to get a Derrick Rose signed paired shoes of Adidas. Derrick Martell Rose is a popular American professional basketball player. During this campaign the fans were insisted to jump 10 feet from the bottom and if they were successful in doing this then they might win a try of shoes designed by Derrick Rose. The event was held in Hackney that is home to several of the players in U.K. The people who participate in this event were given 24 seconds to jump for the shoes. thousands of individuals attend the event and most of them they participate in this event and only few of them get a chance to try a pair of shoes designed by Derrick Rose. This experiential helped them to make promotion of their product. CITATION www l 4105 ( components.

There were many components of IMC that supported this initiative were
Relations with public –
This event helped Adidas to make connection with thousands of people as they organised an event to communicate directly with customers instead of communicating with people in a different way.

Direct Marketing-
This event helped Adidas to make direct contact with customers and this campaign helps a lot as this process is better than reaching indirectly to customer. This helps to create a better image in the minds of the customers.

This campaign helped to make profits for the company.
Target Audience:
For this battle, Adidas focused on for the most part little children and youngsters, and the more youthful age individuals who are energetic and enthusiastic about games and particularly ball. The children and adolescents whose lives mirror the life of viciousness of Derrick rose were focused through this battle with the goal that those children could resemble a genius NBA top pick appraised B-ball player. So, these children can take a motivation from such a propelling good example and draw in with them, associate their accounts and changing over them into a tremendous advertising occasion.

Communication Objectives:
In the battle, the goal was to interface the lives of children with a b-ball player and persuade them to be whizzes which advances the Adidas tennis shoes through the crusade. The correspondence direct utilized in the media was exceptionally straightforward and correct. Forgetting the consideration of the children to partake in the occasion, Adidas utilized the basic type of correspondence as far as blurbs in adjacent shops, radio communications and a short taping video which was broadcasted on a worldwide scale.
As for Adidas, the #jumpwithdrose accomplished 327,000 Twitter clients (, 2014). The crusade likewise refined the most bewildering ever UK scan volume for D Climbed and passed on discussion volume 20x higher than other contender marks in a comparable period. The crusade achieved 4 million online impressions, relative earned media estimation of £2million, and situated D Ascended as a vehicle for change. (, 2014). We feel that this crusade was the best battle at any point held because it has a target other than benefit for the firm was of putting the children to finish everything and rousing them. The outcomes were additionally extraordinary of the battle. When contrasted with other media vehicles, in this experiential battle, it was a live ordeal to the clients to feel the brand and expands client inclusion with the brand.

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