How cocaine affect the behavior
Cocaine is very highly addictive drug it is useful in some medical procedures works as a pain reliver and vasoconstrictor. It is an illegal substance and it is found in numerous forms including white powder, paste, or solidified and rock-like. the stimulant directly affect the brain function and long term addiction lead to extensive physiological or psychological problems. In todays youth this drug is very common . it can cause violent behavior , erratic behavior, emotional problems and isolation and paranoia, depression. Common dose of cocaine is between 15-120mg but adolcent with hypersensitivity to cocaine have died from little dose like 35 mg and some cocaine addicts tolerate 5mg of cocaine daily. cocaine deaths are accidental sometime, usually because some of its effects your health and behavior, such as the elevated blood pressure. Statistics indicate that 110 people die per day from drug overdoses each day in USA. After marijuana, cocaine is the second most addicted drug in USA and causes three times more death rates than any other drug. In fact, nearly 600,000 cocaine users visit the ED due to cocaine overdose annually; over 7,500 of them are fatalities. Cocaine is obtained from coca plant.

The ivory coast is the largest producer of coca it supply 30.5 % of cocoa to the world. Columbia is the top producer of cocaine. Here the area of coca cultivation 40% in 2014 and 50 % in 2017 and continueosly increases.second largest producer of coca plant is peru because of diversity caused by cocaine is causes deforestation in peru and 15% of species restricted in distribution of peru. Degraded tropical pre-montane forest may amount to as much as 1 100 000 ha in all of Peru.  drug issue carries substantial potential for conflict and mutual recrimination between North and South. The main dmg-consuming countries are rich and industrialized; the main drug-producing countries are poor and predominantly agricultural. The cocaine trade north to south America and has gained has powerful economic foothold in third world countries. Producing countries and consuming countries blame each other for the accelerating drug traffic and advocate, respectively, demand-side and supply-side solutions. US programs to control drug cultivation and production overseas often impinge on nationalist sensitivities , political elites in some Third World countries view anti-drug crusades as imposing significant economic and social costs as well as creating new and formidable political challenges.

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The age group is most likely to use cocaine is 18-30. There were over 4000 male overdose deaths and 2,000 female overdose deaths in 2017. More than men the women abuse cocaine. Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, specifically problems in estrogen, intensify the drug’s pleasurable effects. Compromised ability to exert control over drug urges and drug-seeking behaviour is a characteristic of addiction. Cocaine abuse is increasing regularly among the young people. Now it is no longer drug use in high economic societies now every adolcent taking this drug. This review highlights the dangers of both acute and chronic cocaine abuse and its lethal potential even on the first encounter.this topic is significant it is used to people aware about cocaine side effects and behavioural problems and cocaine affects on adolcents and how it is consistently became the life spoiler in society.
This research is done to identify affects of cocaine on the behavior and mental effects of adolcents.

How cocaine affects the mental retardation? basically it is necessary to know in study how cocaine abusers behave and what about their social and personal life and my concern are about those who affected by this drug.

Pharmachology of cocaine abuse and its affects ? Basically the questions explain whole the topic of this study and it is necessary to know how behavoural changes it is because of pharmacological changes
INCLUSION CRITERIA: cocaine, behavior, cocaine abusers, adolcents, age group between 18-30, cocaine over dose,
Cocaine effects the every organ of the body and normal body function. It has large amount of affect in brain and manipulates chemical in the brain. Like altenations of neurotramitters . Psychiatric disturbances like: depression, suicidal ideation, paranoia, kleptomania, psychosis, mania, violent and antisocial behavior and sometimes irretablity and severe condition cause coma. Sometimes indivsual can think suicidal thoughts. And this it can also affect his family and personal life and social life and he can also face discrimination in society
Cocaine blocks conduction of nerve impulses when brought into contact with nerve tissue and concentration as low as 0.02 percent will block terminal sensory fibers. Higher concentrations are necessary to block nerve trunks . sometimes blocking of nerve causes death and this can happen after overdose of cocaine . and it is also responsible for damage of brain and damage of brain causes behivoural or mental problems.

Cocaine affects the behavior of young adolcents it can affects his collage life of student and family life and also social life of adolcencts. this article is different article from other article about cocaine because this article can light the behavioral changes of cocaine abusers this can causes the huge affects on family life or student life. Sometime it can led to death and itcan slowly destroy the life of adolscents . this article show that the addiction about cocaine.

This ariticle show that the what kind of damaging side effects caused by the cocaine on young adoolscents. It can causes irrattitic behavior and psyotic behavior. Sometime suicidal thoughts occur on mind. Cocaine is caused by many behavior disease and some time cocaine causes madness and overdose can lead to death. The criteria of cocaine abusers is consistantly increases. Popularity of this drug rising constantly. Women cocaine abusers are more as compare to male cocaine abusers. Columbia is the largest producer of cocaine. cocaine is the useful drug in some medical treatment. This article reflect the what kind of problems and discrimination is faces by the cocaine abusers in society.

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