How OCR would like to make some modifications to the HIPAA Rule and how they are imposed with some input from both healthcare professionals and the patients
The main issues are to make changes to the existing HIPAA privacy rule and how it is administered and carried out. OCR would like to involve the healthcare industry and community the opportunity to provide some contribution for any prospective changes regarding the three HIPAA stand points.
• How OCR collect funds and allocate the funds to the victims.
• What the intention of this notice will cover relating to HIPAA’s rule and enforcement regulations.
• How they expect the new form will establish a good will attitude between providers and patients.
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, executive editor or the Information Security Media Group’s media site.
Roger Severino of the OCR has shared their plans that involve both healthcare professionals and patients the opportunity to participate in the important process on how OCR spend the funds that are raised. OCR investigate all violation pertaining to the privacy rule concerning PHI. The feedback that is received is in hope to create a new system that will improve how the regulations are handled.
OCR would like to simplify the rule and the procedural process for healthcare professionals. The notice itself will state why it imperative for patients to sign this form and where it will be housed. Because patient should be informed of their rights. Additional training should also happen to permit employees to be able to answer question properly.
Finally, the article suggests that when changes are concluded the OCR will inform the pubic before it goes in to effect.