HSM802 Major AssignmentEffective Health-care Planning
This article gives an insight of different contribution a health service planning could have on the development of an effective and efficient health care system.

5524507065645Student: Nego Alwin s110764
Tutor: Dr. Neel Nitesh
Due Date: 25/05/2018
00Student: Nego Alwin s110764
Tutor: Dr. Neel NiteshDue Date: 25/05/2018

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1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARRY _______________________________________________________2
2 INTRODUCTION _____________________________________________________________3
3 AIM & OBJECTIVES ___________________________________________________________4 3.1 Aim ______________________________________________________________________4 3.2 Objectives _________________________________________________________________4
4 METHODOLOGY ______________________________________________________________4
5 RESULT _____________________________________________________________________4 5.1 Internal Environmental Planning _______________________________________________4 5.1.1 A Healthy Workforce _______________________________________________________4 5.1.2 Effective Organizational Culture______________________________________________5 5.1.3 Adequate Assets __________________________________________________________6 5.1.4 Healthy Budget ___________________________________________________________7 5.1.5 Effective Health Sector Management & Information System _______________________7 5.2 External Environment Planning ________________________________________________8 5.2.1 Effective Demographic Service _______________________________________________8
6 DISCUSSIONS ________________________________________________________________9
7 RECOMMENDATIONS _________________________________________________________9
8 REFERENCES ________________________________________________________________10
In any health organization, health service planning is very essential for effective service delivery. In this article it will discuss few points whereby health services planning can make to the development of an effective and efficient health care system.
For instance, having a good health service planning it will contribute to;
A healthy workforce
Effective organizational culture
Adequate assets
Healthy budget
Effective health sector management and Information system
Effective health demographic services
Thus it is a recommendation that all health organization must proactively have a health service planning in order to provide expected services that are of high satisfactory.

To providing health care in today’s world where patients, staffs and public are being satisfied with the services, health care organizations are being trusted for providing such services either curatively or preventively. Health care organization can be hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing home, academic medical centers, health clinics, physicians, village health worker and or other health care providers. With that, health care organization or individual health care providers are faced with planning for providing quality and effective services, planning for health programs, emergencies and of any other kinds”, (Sylvia M.B, et al 2014). With that, Strategic Planning comes in as an effective tool to help guide health care organizations into success as it “enable health care programs to identify threats and performance drivers and to respond more intentionally to environmental changes and health care reform”, (Hamilton, J.L, 2017). In addition, the Vanuatu Health Sector Strategy “calls for stronger and more effective corporate services support to the delivery of health services, through improvements to planning”, (Vanuatu MOH HSS, 2017).

Moreover, “If a healthcare service is unplanned it cannot hope or expect to advance and improve in an expectant manner. Progress, if any, will be unpredictable and haphazard. The health spending will be reactive rather than proactive. It is inevitable that money will be wasted on low value care, while genuinely effective therapies remain underfunded. Downstream, the money runs out and patients have their treatment denied or deferred. Thus, strategies or planning is vital making the choices that best meet the needs of patients. Healthcare must be mindful about what it is trying to achieve and who its beneficiary is”, (Murphy, J.F.A, 2018).

To discuss potential contribution that health service can make to the development of an effective and efficient health care system.

Collect related journals and other documents
Read through each documents
Analyze and discuss the findings.

This article is a review on two journals with four other sources inclusive on Vanuatu Ministry of Health Sector Strategic Plan on different contribution a health services planning could have on the development an effective and efficient health care system.
There are certain potential contributions that health services planning can make to the development of an effective and efficient health care system. This paper will reveal a few of them with regards to internal and external environment.

Internal Environmental Planning
To provide effective and quality health care, it is crucial for managers and health care providers to anticipate; recognize and deal with different changes in the internal environment. In other word Managers and health care providers must identify the internal environment that has an impact on the well-being of the health care system or organization. With that health services planning is seen to be a very important tool for a healthy internal environmental.

A Healthy Workforce
It is no doubt that a good human resources planning will contribute effectively in providing expected services to meet the organizational goal. A good HR planning speaks for an effective and efficient health services delivery. Staffs need training and tools to up-skill their knowledge to strengthen and maintain a quality flow of services. Thus, having recruitment and training strategies for staffs it is a vital aspect of good organizational management.
“The knowledge, experience and capability of an organization’s workforce are the determining factor of success. For this reason, organisations pay particular attention to the recruitment of staff and also to engage in the training of staff and volunteers to build the organization’s capability”, (Leo, http://www.leoisaac.com/planning/strat016.htm).
Tabulated below is a classic example of why health services planning contributes to an effective and efficient health care services delivery.
Table 1: HR Planning Vanuatu MoH HSS 2017-2020.

Vanuatu MoH HSS 2017-2020
HR Issue HR Planning Comment
The medical workforce is increasing in size and offers the chance to place more doctors in provincial settings, but most new doctors are quite inexperienced. Decentralization of clinical services is planned, and urgently required, however this will require careful planning and management to provide adequate support and supervision to doctors in the provinces, as well as having sustainable specialist services at referral hospitals. Identified Issue:
Most doctors are inexperience
Plan to tackle Issue:
Decentralization of clinical services
Provide adequate support and supervision to doctors in the provinces. Human Resources are one of the main driving forces for delivering quality services. It has come to the Vanuatu MOH attention that health professionals are inexperience. Thus there was a plan set to help solve the issue which will contribute to provide expected, effective and efficient health services.

Organizational Culture
A business will not be successful if the organizational culture is not probably plan. “The attitude of staff and volunteers, and their ability to “go the extra mile” makes a very significant difference. Negative attitudes can severely impact on the organisation’s ability to implement strategies for development despite however thorough the planning processes”, (Leo, http://www.leoisaac.com/planning/strat016.htm). Vanuatu Ministry of Health for instance, had just launched a policy on ‘Code of Conduct’ purposely to outline the standards of ethical and professional conduct that are obligatory of every MoH employees (see table below).

Vanuatu Ministry of Health Code of Conduct Standards
Policy Comment
5.1 “Promote a positive work environment”. This policy speaks for an effective health care system. Unless the MoH employees are disrespectful, expected outcomes and objectives will be achievable.
5.1.4 “Not bully or harass other staff, patients or members of the public, or discriminate them in any way”. 5.3 “Act professionally and ethically”. This policy clearly stressed that Effective health care services is provided when staffs are comply with regulations as such in the Vanuatu MoH code of conduct
5.3.2 “Not be under the influence of kava, alcohol or drugs when commencing work or while at work”. Planning for Assets
An organisation can be rich or poor by its assets. For example, the premises of the organisation could be uplifting and pleasant, or depressing. There will a great impact on the internal environment with the availability of equipment’s as assets. Whenever there is a short supply of equipment’s or equipment’s that did not fits the expected standard by then the staff performance will be poor and patients satisfaction will not be a satisfactory one. In addition, “health services cannot be provided at the expected standard without adequate infrastructure. This includes buildings, utilities, equipment, transport (trucks, boats etc.), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”, (Vanuatu MoH HSS, 2017).Thus Planning for assets in any organization is vital for effective service delivery.

Moreover, a survey was done in Canada at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center on the process of strategic planning in the Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) from December 2014 to December 2015. RMP strategic planning provides an opportunity to mobilize staff talents and identify environment opportunities and help in a more effective and efficient service delivery. The results shows that 175 staff members (approximately 50% of the entire staff) encompassing individuals from all core disciplines. More than 50% of responders had more than 10 years of service to the program. Most survey respondents strongly agreed that the RMP has made some or impressive progress in exploiting the advantages of new technologies, leading a culture of education and learning, engaging external stakeholders, increasing clinical research scope and activity, enhancing clinical expertise, and disseminating knowledge and resources, (Hamilton, J.L, et al, 2017).
Thus, it clearly stressed out that planning for assets is important in order to provide effective and efficient health care services.
Better Financial Strengths
As one of the main internal environment elements in an organization finance plays are crucial part in service delivery. In an organization that is short of cash it will be difficult to implement its strategies. If the organisation financially struggle it will definitely impact on staff morale as needed budgets are to be available for effective services delivery.
Moreover, “the budget improves performance evaluations – providing a common base for discussion on how well the manager met his goals and providing a talking point concerning why actual results veered from the original budget. It encourages all areas within the business to become more efficient, which rolls up to a greater efficiency company-wide”, (loius, S, 2015). Thus, planning health budget is seen of essential.
Health Sector Management and Information Systems
Taking into account, a good management and managers with leadership excellent skills it will have a major impact on the services delivery. More up-to-date forms of management and good strategic management plan contributes effectively to quality services delivery and organizational goals are achieved. For instance, the Vanuatu MOH HSS (2017) has stated that “management plan calls for ‘a dynamic public sector with good governance principles and strong institutions delivering the support and services expected by all citizens of Vanuatu’. Having such a strategic plan or action is about taking different portion of the health system and assemble them in a team approach so that they can work better together to tackle the problems that face the health sector.

In addition, to gain a maximum benefits and achieve good outcome in an organization Information System is vital by which organizations input data are process to produce information that is useful for managing the operations. For instance, “good information is essential if health services are to be planned and managed so that they work better to improve the health of the people of Vanuatu”, (ibid, 2017).
External Environmental Planning
Demographical Planning
Different communities or countries where settlements are scattered even into most remote areas geographically where people live in areas making it difficult for providing different services to them. Strategic and Operational plans helps to guide and improve services delivery to such areas. Presented below is a classic example whereby Vanuatu MoH HSS 2017-2020 policy
Vanuatu MoH HSS 2017-2020
MOH HSS 2017-2020 Policy Description Comment
2.1 Health policy objectives –
Society goal 3
Ensure that the population of Vanuatu has equitable access to affordable,
quality health care through the fair distribution of facilities that are suitably
resourced and equipped.

Having such policy will sure guides MOH activities and thus people will be able to access health care that is needed.
When is says that “…Population of Vanuatu….” This implies that despite the geographical barrier, races, age and so forth will access health services.

Health service planning is seen of essential tool to the development of an effective and efficient health care system. When employees are recruited, it is best to have a strategic plan or a regulation that guides the performance, training plans to up-skill their knowledge so that they can cope with the challenging and changing environment in that way services delivery is effective and thus there will be a healthy workforce. As part of planning for HR it’s vital to consider organizational culture to be probably plan. For staff attitude and values will impact the service delivery.

In addition, adequate equipment and or assets contribute very effectively to the development of an effective and efficient health care system which mean that there as to be a proper planning for that to happen. Finance on the other hand, is seen that if it is plan than expected goals and objectives will be achievable since nothing is free but needs a good strategic plan to guide the spending.
Moreover, to have an effective health care system health sector management plan is vital for strong institution delivery the support and services expected by all. Another contributing factor to and effective health care system is planning a good information system with regards that is access to all professionals and public.
Lastly, it has been noted that demographic planning is important as it extremely contributes to a better health care system.
Based on the findings and results in this article it can be seen that health service planning is vital to the development of en effective and efficient health care system. Thus, it is a recommendation that all health organization must proactively have a health service planning in order to provide expected services that are of high satisfactory.

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