I have been assigned to Rajarbagh Corporate Branch of Janata Bank Limited (JBL) by the human resource department for the completion of this reports practical part. The report is mostly related to the information department activities as it aimed to analyze the online banking services provided by JBL. For this purpose I have personally observed the different activities of IT section. But because of confidentiality and excess barrier to the server room, there was no chance to observe the server activities of the bank. With the help of the IT sector officials I have collected some information about this. In this part I have attempted to exhibit my own perceptions from general banking department of this branch. I had a chance to be familiar with the practical banking activities in the Rajarbagh Corporate Branch, Janata Bank Limited. The learning, which has been gained in my entry level position Period, I have attempted my best to appear in this report. Because of time and asset requirement I couldn’t do commonsense exercise in all sections. In that case I attempted to gather information/data from the accompanying sources:

– Practical work area work;

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– Face to confront discussion with the officer;

– Direct perceptions;

– Face to confront discussion with the customer;

– Consultation with the respective persons of the branch;

– Browsing the site of JBL.