Identify the regulations and requirements relevant to assessment in own area of practice

OPITO is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry which sets training standards for Offshore Oil and Gas industries.
In order to be competent one has to have the required experience, technical skills, knowledge, understanding and behaviour to perform in accordance with relevant procedures and standards.
I am taking a lot of Courses from OPITO specially TBOSIET which teaches how to live and work offshore in a safe way.
In order to assess the learners we assess competence by observation of completing tasks in the workplace to a specified standard. These observations require a trained assessor whenever possible. When a qualified assessor is not possible or available at th same location as candidates Expert witnesses are used to observe and assess on bhalf of the trained assessor.
Observation of these candidates are usually done by questioning to ensure the competency and relevant documentation , workplace records are used to support the assessment process.
Simulation is only used when it is not safe or practical to obtain direct evidence of candidates performance or indicated by standards.
As per OPITO we restrict it to a batch of 16 participants only. All the assessments taking place are subject to be verified by our Internal Verifier which is my Training Manager and he samples the evidence across candidates and other assessors and other assessment sites.
We also have an Appeal Process here as well in Enertech Qatar the company i work for, all candidates here have fair access to equitable assessment oppurtunities and can appeal against the decisions made by the assessor.
Assessors value also the data protection policy which is part of the company’s procedure here and has to be valued by everyone and confidentiality has to be maintained
Assesors here contantly check that candidates evidence is relevant , valid, authentic, reliable, and sufficient and record their decisions and make judgement as per the competence of the candidates.

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