In this era of globalization, smoking a cigarette is a huge problem among teenagers. From my knowledge, smoking kills more than 20,000 people per year in Malaysia. There are so many awareness that given by our society, government, and school but we don’t bother this awareness. Basically, this habit is starting from school years. People are pretending that smoking is pretinent is their life and they take it as a daily routine. Cigarettes contains many toxic substances such as nicotine, lead, arsenic and nickel. People who are addicted with smoking cannot alive without it per a day. There are several causes of smoking which are the power of role model, media and curiosity.
Firstly, the causes of smoking is the power of role model. There are many types of people surrounded by us. Everyone has role models for example parents, teachers or siblings. They follow what their role models do in their daily life. In this case, if someone’s role model is smoker they also follow them to smoke. The main dominant role for cause of smoking is parents. The problems is started when parents smoking infront of their child. According to Christensen SA (2008), said that many of them smoke because their parents are smokers. By this we can conclude that the every child of growing is based on their parents roles.
Secondly, the causes of smoking is feel good syndrome. In this busy life, people are easily stress and exhausted because of their works and problems. This can cause hypertension. By this, they carry out some activities to release the tension. Statistics show, most people are smoking to reduce their stress. In a cigarettes contain nicotine which is toxic substance will increase the level of good feeling. According to Stevenson J (2008) said that nicotine is one of the main ingredients in cigarettes which are poison and as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Therefore, cigarettes is becoming a tool for releasing our stress.
Last but not least, the causes of smoking is curiosity. The intention of each and every person is want to try something new in their life style. In this longerity, the intention of each and every person is want to try something new in their life. There are array things for get to know including smoking. People simply addicted with smoking without thinking of the effect. We also can pretending as impusiveness of a person to involve in a bad habit. Some people are metamorphosis after involve in this habit. According to Evans (2008) said that because of the availability of getting a cigarette is easy and curiosity of teenagers, therefore it increase the number of teenagers who smoke. Curiosity is not bad for a person butt we should curious something good for us.
In conclusion based on the causes above which are the power of role model, less of syndrome and curiosity, most people are susceptible by smoking. There are some ways to avoid this problem such as government should implement a campaign of smoking is injurious to health. Parents also should be educating religion since childhood. In my opinion, the smokers should forsee and avoid this smoking habit.