In this excerpt of a text the author does something very interesting to convey exactly how the main character is feeling especially when he hears that the woman which he fancies is near. In the text we can see that he is especially anxious and excited to meet her, which can be seen through his use of diction and the figurative language in the passage. For example, in the text the author likes to use words with mostly positive connotations such as “:electric shock” “passion” and “joy”. This helps the reader imagine just how exactly this woman makes the main character feel, which we can see is in a very positive light with a bit of intimidation and anxiety. Not only that, but the author also makes use of figurative language as he describes the woman’s touch as similar to magic, calling it transcendent, and also when he describes the difference that a certain joy that he feels is different from another type of conventional joy, calling it a river and a mountain on which snow piles on top of. This figurative language makes us see that the character holds a very high opinion towards the woman in question,a as he says her touch is magical, and that he feels great joy when he sees her.